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This is a message board for users who love FF7 and want to discuss the game with other fans. Feel free to discuss topics like your favorite characters or story sections.

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1342 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1341 Thank you for giving me hope! I didn't know it was coming out on xbox! But maybe at that point you might as well wait for a PS5 version and play with a PS5?

1341 Anonymous3 daysReport

It really sucks as an Xbox One owner that I'll have to wait till next year to enjoy this game :(

1340 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1336 Since the major systems of the game and many of the most important assets are already created, I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the series came out in steps about a year or year and a half apart each. Again, we have no confirmation yet and coronavirus might mess with timelines, but give the typical trend of game development, that's the likely outcome

1339 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1335 We know nothing of their plans for the PS5, but we know the PS5 will be backwards compatible with most PS4 games. Additionally, when a new console comes out, there's still a bit of time where games come out on both consoles. Even if the FFVIIR finishes coming out after the PS5 comes out, it'll likely be on both (though that is unconfirmed I think. It'd just be a bad business move not to.)

1338 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1334 They have said that while the main story beats are the same, they added a LOT to midgar because they retrospectively wish they had done more with it. Things are going to be fleshed out a lot more and there will be many more scenes. I would expect somewhere in the range of 30-50 hours as that is typical for an FF game and they said that it's about the length of a normal game.

1337 Anonymous3 daysReport

I’m really happy to see things are different in this version, ever since the remake was announced I’ve been torn between wanting it the same, but also thinking it might not be super fun if I know everything.. :P

1336 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1334 What really gets me worried (and I guess a lot of other people) is the fact that we know already that these are going to be in parts and the entire story is released all at once. I am very much interested in buying the remake I just don’t want to be left with an empty feeling after I finish it and knowing that it is going to be a couple years before we get another part.

1335 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1334 I'm also wondering the same thing. With the PS5 coming out soon, will SE still make the other parts for PS4? And if this does play out like the 13 series I am hoping that the end will not have any form of a cliffhanger and that it has a solid ending for that part.

1334 Anonymous3 daysReport

With the fact that FF7R is going to be in parts and I have been made clear (a bit aggressively) that it is still very much a full game even though the section that it covers was like a 5 hour part of the original. Does this mean that the story has changed a lot and is not going to be the exact same as the original?

1333 Anonymous3 daysReport

Does anyone know how is leveling going to work?. Like can I get to 100 before the end of the game. Then part two comes out and I’m still level 100? Shouldn’t there be a level cap in the first part ?

1332 Anonymous3 daysReport

Greetings fellow humans. I received my copy today. Does anyone know if the trophies will still register. So far i have two but when i try to look at the trophy list i cant access it. Im guessing this is because its not officially out yet. Will i still have achieved them or am i going to have to restart the game again to get them?

1331 Anonymous3 daysReport

Guys I'm looking for some input here. My only experience with Final Fantasy is with WoFFM and I know that’s a spin off game (got it as a birthday present) I’ve really loved the story and the caricatures. It got me wondering more about some of the side caricatures,that I know are from the other games... Is it important to play the main titles in chronological order? are they linked?

1330 Anonymous3 daysReport

Have you guys seen the final trailer? Some of the dialogue is almost word for word what they say in the original. Like when Tseng approaches Aeris and says she's an ancient, and she declares that she isn't - it's pretty close to the original English translation. Extra elements like "Whispers" have me concerned, because I really want that to serve a purpose for the plot. But overall I'm pretty impressed!

1329 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1317 We are all one my friend. We're all waiting for the day where we spend our days playing both games until people forget we exist.

1328 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1327 Hell yeah we would. It would just be this sound that came from all directions. No one would bat an eye to it. It would just be part of everyday life.

1327 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1326 HAHAHAHA what that is such a good word can I steal it from you? I have them every time I win a battle. In VR, would we still hear the victory music?

1326 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1325 You and everyone else. I really do think an immersive VR FF game (new or old) would be very fun to play. No buttons. Just actions. Imagine a cinematic that plays like you're living in it. GAMEGASM

1325 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1324 I cannot tell you where I am from, because they will shoot me. I do not want to die. I just want to live in Final Fantasy and fight with big sword with my pretty friends. Thank you

1324 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1323 Dude, you live in a scary place. Where are you from? At least you have internet so can ask for help.

1323 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1322 Well, in FF7, we have a chance to fight. In the real world, we even think about fighting, we're shot. That's how today's real world works.

1322 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1321 Well, Shinra pretty much IS the government in FF7 and they destroy you too. Again, how is it different than the real world?

1321 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1320 Oh, because in FF7, I at least have the power to fight back. In the real world, the government gives us no chance to make a difference. In FF7, we can at least TRY. Plus, everyone looks prettier.

1320 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1319 So, then WHY does that make you wanna live in it? Why would you wanna live in a similar world where you'll also be dying?

1319 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1318 Yeah, the reason I mentioned it was because FF7 would be the PERFECT game to live in. It's not that different from our current world. We're all dying from climate change and pollution.

1318 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1317 Yeah, I'm on the RE3 board too! Glad to see you here as well. I guess we all have good taste, eh?

1317 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1316 I feel like the same fans from this site's RE3 wiki are also on this board. Everyone sounds the same. Are you guys a community or something? I think you're starting to sound like a tribe. pretty cool.

1316 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1315 Well, in my head I pictured a perfect world where only games I would like fell on my lap. And I would be surprised by knowing nothing about it. Things fall on my lap every day.

1315 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1314 Would you be surprised by it falling on your lap, or because you knew nothing about it? In any case, what guarantees that you would even like the game?

1314 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1313 ya dude just KNOWING a game is coming out is already a spoiler for me. Like, I just want to be surprised one day with a game that I know nothing about falling on my lap.

1313 Anonymous3 daysReport

Everyone talking about avoiding spoilers, but they're on a gaming website that automatically spoils every detail because the website's JOB is to provide the latest information to as many people as possible.

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