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This is a message board for users who love FF7 and want to discuss the game with other fans. Feel free to discuss topics like your favorite characters or story sections.

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3363 Anonymous4 daysReport

The gameplay isn't enough to scoff at either, even without talking about the story, I would say that this is one of the best games on the PS4

3362 Anonymous4 daysReport

I don't think the changes to the story are that bad. Sure it isn't a classic remake but it's a pretty interesting take to the FF7 universe

3361 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3350 Came here to check what people thought of the game (I know I'm late to the party alright times have been hard) and sad to see that this isn't a faithful remake

3360 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3358 i love barret he's such a dad not just to his daughter but to his friends as well

3359 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3358 I have to go with mah boi cloud he has been my favorite since the original and it hasnot changed with the remake

3358 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3356 On that note, who is everyone's favorite characters? Obviously mine is Roche

3357 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3342 Yeah wish there was a way to play the game with Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith in the dresses

3356 Anonymous4 daysReport

I love all the new characters, especially Roche. I love those slightly insane goofballs haha

3355 Anonymous4 daysReport

I don't care what anyone else says, I frickin love every part of this game! Granted I didn't expereince the original but that doesn't mean my opinion's any less valid right??

3354 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3322 It's a bit tricky but if you're asking if the challenge is fun, I think it is

3353 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3351 plans to end the compilation of FF7 with the remake I mean

3352 Anonymous4 daysReport

rip to anyone who just wanted a classic FF7 expereience out of the remake lol

3351 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3350 I don't think a faithful remake was ever in the works unfortunately, if their plans to end the compilation of FF7 were any indication

3350 Anonymous4 daysReport

i'm sorry but i can't really get over the changes they made to the story, i was hoping for a faithful remake and i got this instead

3349 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3343 Do itttttt, it's seriously worth it. FF7R Ultimania has so much good stuff if you're a superfan

3348 Anonymous5 daysReport

The game was a magical experience!!

3347 Anonymous5 daysReport

It says I need to acquire all 16 weapon? but it looks like I need more?

3346 Anonymous5 daysReport

Fighting Rufus was a bit annoying lol or I am just weak

3345 Anonymous5 daysReport

I am: thinking about Sephirot's short hair. Damn

3344 Anonymous5 daysReport

Cloud Strife! can strike me anytime, I woould not mind!

3343 Anonymous5 daysReport

I am this 👌🏻 close to buy the FF7 Remake Ultimania!!

3342 Anonymous5 daysReport

How I wish I can keep those dresses for Cloud!!!

3341 Anonymous5 daysReport

What are the best materia tho? I mean anyone here? aside for the wiki guide! I am just curious about yall here commenting :)

3340 Anonymous5 daysReport

The Bahamut fight exhaust me so much I almost threw my console lmao

3339 Anonymous5 daysReport

Tiffa is such a waifu, imagine just imagine if she can yield a sword damn that'd triple hot

3338 Anonymous5 daysReport

Done with the game! and now I will rewatch Advent Children and cry again

3337 Anonymous5 daysReport

Does Aerith have some sort of a premonition?

3336 Anonymous5 daysReport

Cloud is really handsome damn. I'm gonna marry this 3D duded

3335 Anonymous5 daysReport

Reno is so hard to beat, dude is really testing my rusty skills lol

3334 Anonymous5 daysReport

Idk if I missed some puzzles on chapter 15? but glad I found out this wiki!!! will read everything here then will double check in where I stopped.

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    • The gameplay isn't enough to scoff at either, even without talking about the story, I would say that this is one of the best games on the PS4

    • >>[347]
      If you complete the game and go to Chapter 17 with Chapter Select, you will be able to find Chadley near the start of the chapter and access all the VR missions with any three characters of your choice. Hope this helps!

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