Chapter 13: Hunting at Daybreak (Blue Lions) Walkthrough | Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H)

This is the battle walkthrough for the mission Hunting at Daybreak from Chapter 13: Reunion at Dawn in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FETH, FE3H). Read on to find out about map features, what enemies you will encounter, and tips for winning!

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Map and Overview

FE3H Hunting at Daybreak (Blue Lions) Map.png

Victory Conditions
Defeat the enemy commander
Defeat Conditions
Your character or Dimitri falls.
Enemy commander escapes.
# of Player Units 2+4+3
# of Enemies 31 - Normal


FE3H Hunting at Daybreak (Blue Lions) Enemy Layout.png

Pos Enemy Pos Enemy
A Bandit (Mercenary) B Bandit (Thief)
C Bandit (Assassin) D Bandit (Brawler)
E Bandit (Archer) F Bandit (Sniper)
G Pallardo - -

Enemy Stats - Normal


Level 27 HP 36 Movement -
Class Thief
Attack Hit Rate Critical Hit
26 112 12
Attack Speed 14 Protection 12 Resilience 3
Avoidance 27 Range 1
Weapon Silver Sword Dropped Item Speed Ring
Battalion Pallardo Bodyguards Level 3
Endurance 75 Gambit Poison Tactic Uses 1

Enemy Stats - Hard


Level 28 HP 41 Movement -
Class Thief
Attack Hit Rate Critical Hit
30 116 16
Attack Speed 19 Protection 16 Resilience 7
Avoidance 32 Range 1
Weapon Silver Sword Dropped Item This enemy has no items.
Battalion Pallardo Bodyguards Level 3
Endurance 75 Gambit Poison Tactic Uses 1


FE3H Hunting at Daybreak (Blue Lions) Map.png

Loot Dropped Enemy Location
Concoction A, B, E, F
Antitoxin C, L
Door Key D, M, O
Hexlock Shield G
Silver Sword H
Chest Key I, N, S, T
Leather Shield J
Blessed Bow K
Bullion O, P, Q, R


FE3H Hunting at Daybreak (Golden Deer) Chest and Keys.png


An Armorslayer can be found from the treasure chest marked as 1 on the image above.

Silver Lance

A Silver Lance can be found from the treasure chest marked as 2 on the image above.

Cursed Ashiya Sword

A hard item to use. The Cursed Ashiya Sword can be found on the chest marked as 3 on the image above. This sword has low durability and has self damaging effect but has a high mt and high critical rate. Definitely a worth item to get.

Axe of Ukonvasara

A relic weapon. This axe can be wielded by Lorenz to a greater effect so do try to get it if Lorenz is recruited in your party. The axe also regenerates the HP of its wielder making it a good weapon to have overall. The Axe is found on the chest marked with 4 on the image above.


There are four enemies holding chest keys that they drop upon defeat, marked with an X in the map.

Map Features


Tiles Description
Wall (Breakable) HP 20, Impassable until destroyed
Navigable only by fliers
Forest 1 Prt, +30% Avo, except for fliers
Heal Tile+ 1 Prt, 1 Res, +30% HP each turn for non-fliers

Reinforcement 1

At the start of the player phase of turn 3, Gilbert and Ashe will appear in the northwestern corner of the map, while Annette and Mercedes appear in the southwestern corner, all under your control.

Reinforcement 2

When any of these units advance to about the midline of the map, Felix, Ingrid and Sylvain will arrive at the northeastern corner. If you lose any of these characters before this mission in Classic mode, they will not return.
You will traverse through the huge map of the chapel. Some parts are closed off by locked doors, and you will be surrounded by walls and edifices which are only navigable by fliers.

Fake Commander

fe3h fake pallardo
Pallardo (the real one) will try to escape after the first pallardo is killed. Try to station troops to halt Pallardo's exit route.

Tips and Tricks

Powerlevelling Trick

Things Needed

  • All enemies routed except Pallardo (fake)
  • Magic abilities (preferrably, magics with no crit chance like Fire)
  • Training Weapons (bow to be specific)

FE3H Power levelling Trick
The first Pallardo will not approach any unit attacking it (except when they're in melee range). Use this opportunity to level up mages and archers until their magic/ weapon durability runs out (attack then leave Pallardo to regenerate health then repeat).

The battle will not end even if the fake Pallardo dies so use a divine pulse if an attack accidentally kills him with a critical hit. Try to priotize characters with attacks that have 0 crit chance to maximize the trick and remember to place Byleth near that unit for the Professor's expertise buff.

Why Does the Trick Work?

Mainly because Pallardo does not chase nor escape and heals every turn. It also works better than normal units since enemy commanders give more EXP than normal enemies.

Remember Ashe's Lockpick Skill

FE3H Lockpick Skill

If Ashe is still in your party (survived all battles in classic mode) then his ability “Lockpick” can greatly aid you in opening doors and chests even without keys.

Bring a Door Key

Because Pallardo escapes past the north door, have one of your units engaging him already have a Door Key beforehand. Otherwise, have Byleth whip it out before killing the fake Pallardo and trade it to some units near him/her.

Keep Someone in Front of the Door

Fe3H Felix Ready to Cutoff The Escape Route
Felix cutting off Palardo's escape route.

It would be a good idea to station someone there (most likely either Ingrid, Sylvain, or Felix but anyone will do). It will cut Pallardo and his allies off from escaping the one-tile wide corridor.

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