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This is a guide to the best characters for every game mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn who is the best character to use in Standard Golf, Speed Golf, and Battle Golf and view a complete tier list of all the characters!

Character Tier List

This is a tier list of the best characters in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Find the best S-Tier golfers to conquer any course you come across. You can also test your golf skills by selecting one of our more challenging C-Tier characters.

S Tier Bowser Character.pngBowser Rosalina Character.pngRosalina Yoshi Character.pngYoshi
A Tier Donkey Kong Character.pngDonkey Kong Mario Character.pngMario Pauline Character.pngPauline
B Tier Boo Character.pngBoo Daisy Character.pngDaisy Bowser Jr Character.pngBowser Jr. Waluigi Character.pngWaluigi
King Bob-omb Character.pngKing Bob-omb Luigi Character.pngLuigi
C Tier Wario Character.pngWario Peach Character.pngPeach Chargin Chuck Character.pngChargin' Chuck Toad Character.pngToad

Best Characters for Every Game Mode

Overall Best Characters


Characters Stats
Bowser Golf Power Stat Power: 228 yd

Bowser Golf Stamina Stat Stamina: Character Stamina 120

Bowser Golf Speed Stat Speed: Character 60 Percent Stat.png

Bowser Golf Control Stat Control: Character 60 Percent Stat.png

Bowser Golf Spin Stat Spin: Character 20 Percent Stat.png

Bowser is quite overpowered in terms of stats. For a character who has the second most powerful drive of the game, his Control and Speed stats aren't diminished by all that much. His long range allows you to make more use of his Special Shot, while his high Stamina allows you to use his Special Dash up to two times consecutively, which makes up for his below average Speed.

Additionally, his Special Dash is easy to steer and has a good area of effect, which is ideal for beginners to make use of in modes such as Speed Golf and Battle Golf.

Just avoid using Bowser for complicated curve shots or in harsh weather conditions, and you should stomp on the competiton easily.

How to Use Bowser: Character Stats & Abilities


Characters Stats
Rosalina Golf Power Stat Power: 223 yd

Rosalina Golf Stamina Stat Stamina: Character Stamina 110

Rosalina Golf Speed Stat Speed: Character 80 Percent Stat.png

Rosalina Golf Control Stat Control: Character 60 Percent Stat.png

Rosalina Golf Spin Stat Spin: Character 20 Percent Stat.png

Rosalina is another great, aggressive choice for every game mode. Her base 223 drive is the strongest of any non-Power specialty character, which allows her a lot of range in all game modes. Her Stamina and Speed are also a decent level.

Control is her only below average stat, but utilizing her Special Shot's ability to disrupt ball trajectory and ball spin will make her opponents have even worse Control at crucial strokes.

Rosalina can also float over water and lava for a brief period of time, which would help prevent players from accidentally falling in.

How to Use Rosalina: Character Stats & Special Abilities

Mii Character Due to Customization

Characters Stats
Mario.pngMii Character
Mii Character Golf Power Stat Power: Customizable

Mii Character Golf Stamina Stat Stamina: Customizable

Mii Character Golf Speed Stat Speed: Customizable

Mii Character Golf Control Stat Control: Customizable

Mii Character Golf Spin Stat Spin: Customizable

Of course, your Mii Character will be the best character for any game mode you customize its stats towards while playing the Golf Adventure story mode. It also helps that the Mii Character's Power level caps at 360, which is far beyond the max Super Star stat for any character currently playable in the game.

Best Character for Speed Golf and Battle Golf


Characters Stats
Yoshi Golf Power Stat Power: 213 yd

Yoshi Golf Stamina Stat Stamina: Character Stamina 90

Yoshi Golf Speed Stat Speed: Character 100 Percent Stat.png

Yoshi Golf Control Stat Control: Character 70 Percent Stat.png

Yoshi Golf Spin Stat Spin: Character 30 Percent Stat.png

With a decent base 213-Power and 7-Control combo, Yoshi can certainly hold is own in stroke play. However, Yoshi really shines due to how effective and easy to use his abilities are. His Special Shot allows you to disrupt opponent's shot trajectories and ball rolls, while his Special Dash is an easily contollable giant egg roll with a flutter kick at the end.

Due to the great movement of his Special Dash, Yoshi will definitely be one to look out for in the Battle Golf stadium and Speed Golf courses. While you can't use the Special Dash twice consecutively due to Yoshi's lower Stamina, Yoshi being the fastest character in the game does make up for that.

How to Use Yoshi: Character Stats & Abilities

Best Character for Standard Golf

Super Star Boo

Characters Stats
Boo Golf Power Stat Power: 210 yd

Boo Golf Stamina Stat Stamina: Character Stamina 110

Boo Golf Speed Stat Speed: Character 60 Percent Stat.png

Boo Golf Control Stat Control: Character 70 Percent Stat.png

Boo Golf Spin Stat Spin: Character 30 Percent Stat.png

Once you unlock the star club sets of Boo through earning character points, he'd be a worthy selection in Standard Golf modes due to his Spin reaching the max level and the max number of twists. Spin specialty characters are only recommended for players who are proficient in curve shots or who want to learn how to add spin to their shots. It's a great golfer skill to develop with Boo.

The reason you'd want to choose Boo over Bowser Jr., the other Spin specialist, is due to Bowser Jr.'s completely lackluster Special Shot. Boo, on ther other hand, can disrupt opponent's ball trajectories on important strokes.

How to Use Boo: Characters Stats & Abilities

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