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Welcome to Game8's guide on the new game modes and features of Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about the new features such motion controls and the range finder as well as new game modes including Speed Golf, Battle Golf, and Golf Adventure (story mode) in Mario Golf: Super Rush!

List of New Game Modes

New Speed Golf

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Speed Golf is a core game mode of Mario Golf, and it has been updated for Super Rush. The player's goal is still to finish holes as quickly as possible, but for Super Rush, quickly traversing the course and running to where your ball landed is part of the challenge. The player has to outrun opponents in between shots in order to finish first. To aid in this, the player can use dashes or special shots to sabotage opponents on the move.

This mode also supports the new online multiplayer feature being introduced in Super Rush.

Speed Golf Guide

Battle Golf

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In Battle Golf, players will also have to sink holes as fast as possible, as holes close up when a player completes it. The goal is to be the first to reach 3 flags among the competitors within an arena filled with obstacles such as Chain Chomps, Thwomps, and Bob-ombs.

This mode also supports the new online multiplayer feature being introduced in Super Rush.

Battle Golf Guide

Story Mode (Golf Adventure)

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Mario Golf: Super Rush has an original story mode, where the player creates their own Mii and has them embark on a Golf Adventure. The adventure features new courses, Boss Battles, and an EXP system used to level up stats such as Stamina, Speed, and Control.

Golf Adventure (Story Mode) Guide

List of New Game Features

Motion Controls

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Super Rush is the first in the Mario Golf series to have motion controls. With motion controls, the player can swing the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controller like a golf club in order to have an immersive Mario Golf experience.

Controls and Best Settings

Range and Elevation Finder

Mario Golf Range Finder.jpg

The range and elevation finder feature allow you to determine the distance between you and your target as well as the elevation of the terrain. Press R when lining up your shot to open up the range and elevation finder then move the target/reticle around with the left control stick. The range and elevation finder don't affect the shot gauge, and are used primarily for measuring distance and shifting aim.

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