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This guide covers how to defeat the Sacred Flamebeast in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to find the Sacred Flame Beast and Fire Gem in Balmy Dunes, tips and strategies on how to beat the Sacred Flamebeast, and how to get the Power of Flame.

How to Summon the Sacred Flamebeast

Complete the Great Trials

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You can fight the Sacred Flamebeast immediately after completing the Great Trials in Wildweather Woods. To find out how to start and beat the Great Trials, check out our complete guide on the challenge.

Great Trial Boss Guide: How to Obtain the Lightning Sword

Head to Balmy Dunes

Electrocuted Wario and Waluigi.jpg

After completing the Great Trials, you will be directed to Treasure Corner in Balmy Dunes. There, you will once again encounter Wario and Waluigi. The statue will electrocute the two characters to harness their energy and instruct you to dig up the sparkling spots on the ground using Duff Shots.

Obtaining Fire Gem.jpg

Digging up the other two spots will earn you a few coins, but one of the spots contain the Fire Gem. After revealing the Fire Gem, the Sacred Flamebeast will appear and boss battle will commence.

How to Beat the Sacred Flamebeast

Dodging the Attacks

Running From Purple Circle.jpg

As the Sacred Flamebeast flies around the desert, purple markings will start to appear on the ground. The Sacred Flamebeast will lob flames at these marked spots, so move away from these purple markings to dodge the Flamebeast's attacks. Make sure to be wary of quicksand as you run around the area.

Watch Your Water Level

Water Level Decreasing.jpg

Running around the course will slowly deplete the water level of your character. If your water level runs out, you will need to restart the battle with the Sacred Flamebeast. Getting hit by one its attacks will further decrease your water level.

Damaging the Sacred Flamebeast

Attacking the Flamebeast 1.jpg

To attack the Sacred Flamebeast, walk to one of the many lightning orbs scattered on the ground. Press the A Button to start shooting the lightning orb at the Flamebeast. The mechanics of launching lightning orbs is the same as shooting regular balls.

As you prepare your shot, a purple circle will appear on the ground around your Mii character. Launch the orb before the Sacred Flamebeast shoots a fireball.

Finshing Off the Sacred Flamebeast

Sacred Flamebeast Duff Shot.jpg

After hitting it with three lightning orbs, the game will prompt you to do a Duff Shot to deflect one of the Flambeast's fireballs and deliver the finishing blow. After defeating the Sacred Flamebeast, your Special Shots gain the Power of Flame.

Sacred Flamebeast Down.jpg

Recommended Equipment and Golf Clubs

Item Description How to Obtain
Bullet Bill 7 IronBullet Bill 7 Iron Hits shots that are less susceptible to wind but harder to control.
Price: Currency 1200

Available in Balmy Dunes shop

Because the Sacred Flamebeast never flies far from the area, long-distance golf clubs are not necessary, and since it always stays above the ground, low-trajectory clubs are not ideal. A standard but versatile club such as the Bullet Bill is sufficient for battling against the Flamebeast.

Item Description How to Obtain
Cool AttireCool Attire Reduces water loss.
Price: Currency 1000

Available in Balmy Dunes shop

During the fight, you are also susceptible to water loss. The Cool Attire allows you to tank a few extra fireballs from the Flamebeast when necessary.

Item Description How to Obtain
Desert ShoesDesert Shoes Reduces speed loss in bunkers, quicksand, and waste areas.
Price: Currency 800

Available in Balmy Dunes shop

Because the area is filled with patches of quicksand, Dessert Shoes are necessary for a quick escape when evading fireballs.

Shop Guide: All Items Sold

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