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This is a guide on how to update and previous patch notes for Mario Golf: Super Rush on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn more about everything fixed in the Mario Golf: Super Rush update!

Latest Updates and Patch Notes

Version 3.0.0 Update on September 23

During the Nintendo Direct livestream on September 23, 2021, Nintendo announced another free content update for Mario Golf Super Rush coming later in the day. The new update includes two new playable characters, Koopa Troopa and Ninji, and two new courses, Blustery Basin and Spiky Palms.

Version 2.0.0 Update on August 5th

On August 5th 2021, Nintendo announced a free content update for Mario Golf: Super Rush to come later in the day. This new update includes Toadette as a new playable character, a New Donk City Course, a new Ranked Match mode, improvements to motion controls, and new color variants for Yoshi that are unlocked by achieving an A Rank in any Ranked Match.

Update Ver 1.1.0 (Day One Patch)

Version 1.1.0 June 24, 2021
Battle Golf
• Added “Enable/Disable” for Rush Events. Selecting “Enable” will cause Rush Events to occur at fixed times during play.
Golf Adventure (Adventure Mode)
• Added Challenges for Shots off tee, Approaches, and Putting. The new challenges can be accepted from the Fire Bros in each area’s practice area.
• Added lessons that teach spin use, and strategies for wind direction. The new challenges can be accepted from the Hammer Bros in each area’s practice area.
• Adjusted several scenes encountered during the Golf Adventure mode of the game.
Motion Controls
• “Practice Swing” now displays on the screen when trying out practice swings.
• Adjusted the game balance around swing inputs.
Online and Local Wireless Play
• Names of online opponents will now display.
• Connection errors occurring mid-game will now display.
General Changes
• Adjusted the display position of text and other information displayed during play.
• Adjusted the results screen.
• In addition, adjustments have been made to the game balance, and issues have been fixed to make the game experience more enjoyable.

How to Update Mario Golf: Super Rush

How to Update: Press the + Button on the Home Screen

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With the Mario Golf: Super Rush game selected on the Home Screen, press the + button on your Switch to view the game data.

Select Software Update

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Select Software Update from the left tab and you can choose to either update your game Via the Internet or you can Match Version with Local Users.

Issue With Update

If you have trouble updating your game, make sure to check the following:

Check Your Internet Connection

Miitopia Issue with Update.png

If your game is still failing to update, check if your Switch is connected to the internet.

You can check your internet status by going to the System Settings from the Home screen, and selecting Internet on the left tab.

If the problem persists, you can try restarting your Switch or your router.

Check Nintendo's Official Server Status

Nintendo Servers.png

If Nintendo's official servers are offline, that may explain why you aren't able to update your game. To check their service status, visit the link below.

Nintendo's Official Server Status

How To Check Current Version

Press + to Check the Game's Current Version

Mario Golf Super Rush - Check Current Version.png

You can check if your software is up to date after pressing the + button on the Mario Golf: Super Rush application while on the Home Screen. It will be under the Mario Golf: Super Rush title on the top left corner.

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