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Mario Golf Super Rush - How to Earn Character Points

This is a guide on how to earn Character Points and how to unlock star club sets in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to farm character points and how to unlock Mario Golf star characters faster!

What Are Character Points?

Unlock Star Club Sets with Character Points

Mario Golf Super Rush - Character Points.png

Character Points are earned from using a character in Standard, Speed, or Battle Golf in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Playing and investing time in each Mario character rewards the character with a star club sets that boosts the character's Power and Spin stats.

Each character starts off with the standard club set and has 2 star club sets for them to unlock. If the player wants to unlock a star club set for a character, they have to spend time earning character points as that character.

Below is the list of star club sets and the respective number of Character Points needed to unlock them:

Club Set Character Points Required
Standard Available at the Start
★ Star 1000 Character Points
★★ Super Star 3000 Character Points

All Super Star Club Stats

How to Check Character Points

You can see the stats for each character, including the Character Points they have accumulated so far by accessing the Play Stats section from the Main Menu. Select Characters and then choose a character to see their Character Points listed at the bottom.

List of Characters

How to Earn Character Points

Play Golf Using Any Mario Character

Mario Golf Super Rush - Play Golf.jpg

The main way to earn Character Points is through playing any Golf mode in the game including Standard Golf, Speed Golf, and Battle Golf. The Character Points you earn will only be transferred to the character that you played as, so it's best to decide first on which character you would want to grind Character Points.

Scoring in Each Hole

Mario Golf Score Card.jpg

The amount of Character Points that you receive depends on your score at a hole. Earn character points by doing the following:

  • Hole-in-One: 100 points
  • Albatross: 50 points
  • Eagle: 20 points
  • Birdie: 10 points
  • Starting a Hole: 10 points
  • Picking Up a Coin (Speed Golf Only): 3 points

Solo Challenges can potentially give you more Character Points due to their length and opportunity to score as many points as you can. Solo Challenges are simple, but they can also make you better at the game while still rewarding you for using a character.

List of Scores and Celebrations

How to Farm Character Points

Do a Coin Run in Battle Golf

Choose Battle Golf Strategic Mode with Rush Countdown Off

Battle Golf Strategic Rush Countdown.jpg

A quick way to farm character points is by playing Battle Golf and focusing only on collecting coins. Load up Battle Golf - Strategic Mode with No Rush Countdown Off. Rush events are randomly generated. They can give you a speed boost with immunity or they can make the floor slippery, so it's best to go balanced and just remove them.

Focus on collecting coins, not scoring holes

Battle Golf Earn Character Points.jpg

In Battle Golf - Strategic Mode, focus on knocking out your opponents and collecting the coins they drop. You can do this by going to the Bob-ombs lined around the arena and hitting them to your opponents. Your character automatically aims at the nearest target and hits multiple Bob-ombs if there are multiple targets in that direction. Opponents hit by Bob-ombs or other obstacles drop coins, which you can collect.

A round of Battle Golf with CPU should last around 3 mins. Doing this method, you earn around 400-600 character points, per round, for the Mario character you are playing as. Note that an opponent won't drop anymore coins after getting hit by an obstacle 4 times, so the maximum amount of coins each opponent drops only equates to 300 character points earned.

Bomb the first hole

Mario Battle Golf Farm.jpg

In Battle Golf, all the CPU opponents run to the first hole in front of the tee box. When the CPU opponents are at the first hole, use 1 nearby Bob-omb to bomb the 3 opponents. Doing so will cause a lot of coins to be dropped in one area.

About half of the coins you will collect during a coin run of Battle Golf will be from the first hole, as the opponents split up in varying directions afterward.

If you have two controllers, you can farm without CPU

Mario Golf Farm Character Points.jpg

If available, select the two controllers option then limit the total number of players to 2, so that the game has no CPU. Doing so will allot you an unlimited amount of time to farm coins. With these settings, just have the 2 character farm coins from one another.

Hit 1 character up to 4 times with Bob-ombs and collect the coins they drop each time, and do the same with the other character. This method earns the 2 characters around 270-300 character points each.

Use the Restart Method

Mario Golf Super Rush - Topspin Speed Golf.png

There is another faster (yet repetitive) method for earning Character Points quickly. First thing you'll have to do is select the Stroke Play option and to play Standard Golf on a simple course such as the Rookie Course or Bonny Greens. The rules don't really matter, but you have to have 4 HUMAN controlled players to make this method more efficient. Don't worry about the lack of controllers, as you can have 4 people play using the same controller anyways. Once the match starts, pause the game and choose to Restart from the First Hole option.

4 players.jpg

Each player controlled character earns 10 Character Points whenever they start a hole. Restarting the hole will grant the characters 10 points again. By repeatedly restarting the hole, you can rapidly earn Character Points for up to 4 characters at a time without so much as swinging your golf club. This means that assuming a character starts at 0 points, you'll need to restart the hole 100 times to obtain the Star Set, and an additional 200 times for the Super Star Set.

Aim for a Hole-in-One


Scoring hole-in-ones is an alternative method to farming points since each hole-in-one gives a whopping 100 points. You'll want to play Standard Golf and start on a hole that has a short distance between you and the hole, making it possible to score the hole-in-one. If you fail to land the hole-in-one, just restart the hole so you'll get 10 points and another opportunity for the hole-in-one.

Potential Hole-in-One Areas

Set your starting hole to these courses. Aim for a hole-in-one on the first shot! If you don't make it, simply restart to gain 10 Character Points and try again!

Bonny Greens Hole 2

Length 139 m
Par 3
Slope 1.5 m
Difficulty Rating ★☆☆☆☆

Tips for this Hole

Hole 2 is a short distance hole, so use the 6I for a potential hole-in-one, or at least put yourself in a good position for a Birdie on stroke 2.

Ridgerock Lake Hole 2

Length 154 m
Par 3
Slope 8.6 m
Difficulty Rating ★☆☆☆☆

Tips for this Hole

Hole 2 is a short distance hole. Rather than curving the shot around the bend, aim straight for the hole with the 4H. Account for wind, put backspin on the ball, and with luck you can get a hole-in-one. If it misses, you can go for a Birdie on stroke 2.

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