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Mario Golf Super Rush Speed Golf Guide

This is a guide to the Speed Golf game mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Read on to learn about this game mode's new rules and features such as how time is calculated into your final score, as well as tips and tricks on how to win in Speed Golf!

What is Speed Golf?

Race Against Other Players

Mario Golf Super Rush Speed Golf

Speed Golf is a game mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush where players have to sink all the holes on the course as fast as possible. The players are timed on how long it takes them to complete each hole and the winner is decided by whoever has the highest score or the fastest time, depending on the rules.

The game mode can be played solo against CPUs or 4-person multiplayer, both locally and online (however, split-screen functionality is limited to 2 players per console). For an extreme version of Speed Golf, try Battle Golf and compete against players in a giant arena while avoiding obstacles.

Battle Golf Guide


  • 1-4 Players Can Play
  • Local Wireless and Online Play is Available
  • 6 Unlockable Courses
  • Play in 3, 6, 9, or 18 Holes
  • All Players Golf at the Same Time!

Speed Golf Rules

Gameplay Options

speed golf win conditions.jpg

Before starting to play Speed Golf you must first set up the gameplay options for the game, which are as follows:

  • Play Style (Button or Motion Controls)
  • Number of Controllers Used
  • Victory Conditions (Best Score or Best Time)
  • Number of Players
  • Character Selection
  • Course Selection

Rule Details

speed golf rules.jpg

After fixing up your gameplay options, you will proceed to customize the rules of the map to your liking.


Mario Golf Super Rush Speed Golf - Holes.jpg

This option lets you set how many holes you'll be playing for the course. You can choose to play 3, 6, 9, or all 18 holes of the course.

Starting Hole

Mario Golf Super Rush Speed Golf - Hole 3.jpg

This option lets you decide which hole you'd like to start playing from. Take note that the order of playing the holes is still sequential.

Example: If you choose the Starting Hole as 3, the order of playing the holes will be Hole 3, 4, 5, and so on.


This option is available in all courses except for the Rookie Course. The Tees option determines the distance between your starting point to the hole, and the options for the distances in increasing order are as follows:

  • Front
  • Rookie
  • Standard
  • Back
  • Championship

Do note that certain courses do not have all the above Tees options available. It's also possible to choose a randomized Tees option.


Mario Golf Super Rush - Wind.jpg

This option lets you adjust wind strength, which will have an effect on the trajectory of your shots. You can adjust wind strength by choosing from the following:

  • Light
  • Normal
  • Strong
  • Strongest

Weather Conditions and Effects

Special Shots

Special Shot.png

This option lets you enable or disable the use of Special Shots for the course.

Start Advantage

Mario Golf Super Rush - Start Advantage.jpg

This option lets you enable or disable the Start Advantage feature.

When the Start Advantage feature is enabled, players gain a headstart based on their performance on the previous hole. Players who scored last place in the previous hole get to strike first. After a few seconds the player who scored the next lowest place in the previous hole gets to strike next, followed by the next lowest place player, and so on.

Speed Golf Features

Traversing the Course

Mario Golf Super Rush New Speed Golf

A new feature of Speed Golf that's introduced in Mario Golf: Super Rush is the traversing of the course. Quickly traversing the course and running to where your ball landed is now part of the challenge. While racing to the next position, players can sabotage each other to slow down their progress.

List of All Mario Golf New Features

Special Character Abilities

The player has to outrun opponents in between shots in order to finish first. To aid in this, each player has unique Special Dash and Special Shot abilities that help them edge out in the competition.

Special Dash

Speed Golf Special Dash

Special Dash abiltiies are used to get a running boost and to knock running opponents out of your way.

List of All Special Dashes

Special Shot

Speed Golf Special Shot

Special Shot abilities are used for hitting your own golf ball with extra power and for sending away other golf balls that are in your path.

List of All Special Shots

How to Win in Speed Golf

There are two different win conditions in Speed Golf, namely getting the Highest Score or the Best Time. The win condition is set in the options before you start playing the course.

Highest Score

speed golf best score.jpg

In the case of victory by highest score, players are awarded points based on their Total Time compared to other players. The number of points awarded based on the number of players are as follows:

No. of Players 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
2 Players 2 pts 1 pt --- ---
3 Players 3 pts 2 pts 1 pt ---
4 Players 4 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pt

The number of points earned are tallied across each hole, and the player with the highest number of points at the end of the course is declared the winner.

Best Time

speed golf best time.jpg

In the case of victory by best or fastest time, Total Time across all holes are added up. The player with the lowest Total Time at the end of the course is declared the winner.

Total Time is Computed Differently

Mario Golf Super Rush Speed Golf - Total Time.jpg

As the name implies, Speed Golf is all about getting your ball in the hole fast. However, a speedy clear isn't the only thing that matters in this game mode. Every stroke you make will add a penalty to your total clear time, so it's important to be both quick and accurate when it comes to hitting your shots and moving across the course. To simplify, your Total Time in clearing a hole is computed with this formula:

Total Time = (Time Spent) + (Number of Strokes Made x 30 seconds)

For instance, if you cleared a hole within 1 minute and 20 seconds using 3 strokes, that means your Total Time is equal to 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

Speed Golf Tips and Tricks

Choose your Clubs Carefully

club selection.jpg

In Adventure Mode, you'll need to choose which clubs to bring for the course. Keep in mind that your Speed stat will be reduced by 1 for every additional club you carry beyond the first 7 clubs, which can cause you to run slower and therefore waste precious time. Take note of the course you'll be playing on, and bring the most appropriate clubs for that course.

List of Golf Clubs

Conserve Stamina Through Drafting

Mario Golf Super Rush - Drafting.png

Running is the name of the game in Speed Golf, so always be aware of your Stamina bar when Dashing or Special Dashing since both actions consume it quickly. A smarter way of conserving your Stamina while still getting to move around quickly is through Drafting. Follow along behind another dashing player and you will catch their speed, allowing you to dash without depleting any of your Stamina.

Strike Quickly, But Accurately

golf strokes.jpg

In Speed Golf you have to be quick about striking the ball, but you also want to avoid swinging wildly as more strokes made will add larger penalties to your Total Time. A few seconds spent carefully placing your shot could save you more time than you think.

Collect Items as You Run

speed golf items.jpg

As you move across the course, you'll find items lying around such as Coins and Hearts. Coins help build up your Special Shot meter faster while Hearts replenish some of your stamina, allowing you to dash for a longer duration or use Special Dashes more often. In the case of Hearts, it's highly advised that you use Special Dashes to move quickly from one Heart pickup to the next in order to keep your speed and momentum going for a longer time.

Knock Opponents Off Balance with Special Shots and Dashes

Special Dash.png

Special Dashes aren't just meant for covering ground faster. When you find yourself running near your opponents, use your Special Dash to knock them aside. This will briefly stun them as well as force them to drop coins, which decreases their Special Shot gauge.

New Character Pauline Special Shot.jpg

Use your Special Shot whenever you have the opportunity to do so. Ideally you'll want to aim your Special Shot at a place where the other players' golf balls are, so that the blast knocks their balls aside. If you're lucky the blast can also hit players caught in its path, knocking them down and making them take more time.

Recommended Characters for Speed Golf


Characters Stats
Bowser Golf Power Stat Power: 228 yd

Bowser Golf Stamina Stat Stamina: Character Stamina 120

Bowser Golf Speed Stat Speed: Character 60 Percent Stat.png

Bowser Golf Control Stat Control: Character 60 Percent Stat.png

Bowser Golf Spin Stat Spin: Character 20 Percent Stat.png

Bowser is quite overpowered in terms of stats. For a character who has the second most powerful drive of the game, his Control and Speed stats aren't diminished by all that much. His long range allows you to make more use of his Special Shot, while his high Stamina allows you to use his Special Dash up to two times consecutively, which makes up for his below average Speed.

Additionally, his Special Dash is easy to steer and has a good area of effect, which is ideal for beginners to make use in Speed Golf. Just avoid using Bowser for complicated curve shots or in harsh weather conditions, and you should stomp on the competiton easily.

How to Use Bowser: Character Stats & Abilities


Characters Stats
Yoshi Golf Power Stat Power: 213 yd

Yoshi Golf Stamina Stat Stamina: Character Stamina 90

Yoshi Golf Speed Stat Speed: Character 100 Percent Stat.png

Yoshi Golf Control Stat Control: Character 70 Percent Stat.png

Yoshi Golf Spin Stat Spin: Character 30 Percent Stat.png

With a decent base 213-Power and 7-Control combo, Yoshi can certainly hold is own in stroke play. However, Yoshi really shines due to how effective and easy to use his abilities are. His Special Shot allows you to disrupt opponent's shot trajectories and ball rolls, while his Special Dash is an easily contollable giant egg roll with a flutter kick at the end.

Due to the great movement of his Special Dash, Yoshi will definitely be one to look out for in Speed Golf. While you can't use the Special Dash twice consecutively due to Yoshi's lower Stamina, Yoshi being the fastest character in the game does make up for that.

How to Use Yoshi: Character Stats & Abilities

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