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This is a guide to available cheats in Mario Golf: Super Rush for Nintendo Switch. Learn more about whether there are any cheats available in the game here!

Are There Cheats in Mario Golf: Super Rush?

At the time of writing, there are no known cheats or bug exploits that can be used in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Should new information regarding cheats come along, we'll be sure to update this page as soon as possible!

Golden Pipe Secret Cheat?

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If you've managed to reach Bowser Highlands you may have noticed several Golden Pipes scattered throughout certain sections of the courses. If you've wondered what happens when a ball lands in one of these pipes, then wonder no more because we've landed one for you. We can therefore tell you that landing your golf ball in the Golden Pipe does ..... absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately when the ball hits the pipe it just bounces right off. It doesn't even enter the hole and bounce right off, it just bounces off the surface of the pipe as if the hole was just painted on it. Any theory you have of the Golden Pipe doing wonderful things for your golf ball is just a pipe dream, but who knows? We might see some form of Golden Pipe gimmick in future updates.

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