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This is a guide to all Special Dashes available in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Learn about the effects of each Special Dash as well as who can use them below!

What are Special Dashes?

Use Special Dash to Speed Past Opponents

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Special Dashes are abilities used by every playable character in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Special Dashes consume Stamina in order to give the player a huge boost forward and speed past opponents. When coming into contact with opponents during the Special Dash, players knock out the opponent.

Controls (during course traversal)
B button.png Regular dash
L button.png Special Dash

How to fill Stamina meter

Special Dashes consume Stamina, which replenishes over time while the character is not regular dashing with B. Collecting hearts on the course also replenishes the Stamina bar significantly.

Special Dash Through Some Obstacles

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Special Dashes can be used to break through certain obstacles and sprint quickly on rough, uphill, or steep terrain.

List of All Hazards and Obstacles

List of Special Dashes


Moonsault Dash
Mario Moonsault Dash
Jumps and slides, knocking other opponents off balance.


Speed-Skate Dash
Luigi Speed-Skate Dash
Ice-skates on the course leaving an ice trail that causes other players to slip if they are following close enough behind.


Jet-Pack Dash
Wario Jet-Pack Dash
Turns his golf bag into a jetpack to blast forward and knock other players off balance.


Dance-Off Dash
Waluigi Dance-Off Dash
Pirouettes and leaps, knocking opponents off balance.


Ribbon Dash
Peach Ribbon Dash
Jumps and pirouettes with a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon, knocking other oponents off balance.


Pinwheel Dash
Daisy Pinwheel Dash
Runs, jumps, and pirouettes, knocking any opponents she runs into off balance.


Egg-Roll Dash
Yoshi Egg-Roll Dash
Runs on top of a giant egg, rolling over players.

Donkey Kong

DK Dash
Donkey Kong DK Dash
Bounces and rolls on the ground.


Volcano Dash
Bowser Volcano Dash
Leaps, slides, and roars flames at players.

Bowser Jr.

Bullet Bill Dash
Bowser Jr. Bullet Bill Dash
Flies on top of a Bullet Bill, knocking over other players.


Carousel Dash
Boo Carousel Dash
Summons more Boos to help bash opponents.


Luma Dash
Rosalina Luma Dash
Summons two Lumas to knock opponents off balance.


Diva Dash
Pauline Diva Dash
Runs, knocking opponents off balance.


Tumble Dash
Toad Tumble Dash
Flips, knocking off balance any opponents he bumps into.

Chargin' Chuck

End-Zone Dash
Charges and dives, knocking opponents off balance.

King Bob-omb

Kaboom Dash
King Bob-omb Kaboom Dash
Summons multiple Bob-ombs to carry him through the course, running over other players.

Mii Character

Power Dash
Mii Character Power Dash
Runs like crazy, knocking other players off balance.


Turnip-Toss Dash
Toadette Turnip-Toss Dash
Skips and flips while tossing turnips about.


Glide Dash
Ninji Glide Dash
Glides and flips, knocking over anyone in the way.

Koopa Troopa

Dizzy Dash
Koopa Troopa Dizzy Dash
Retracts into shell and quickly spins around, knocking over anyone in the way.

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