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Terrain and Terrain Effects

This is a list of all Terrain found in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Learn more about the types of terrain you will encounter as well as their effects and features below!

List of Terrains and Effects


Mario Golf Fairway

The Fairway is the area that stretches between the tee box (teeing area) and the Green. The grass here is kept short, making shots easy to hit. It's important to always aim for the Fairway to minimize difficulty in hitting the next shot.

Fast Fairway

Mario Golf Fast Fairway

Similar to the Fairway, the Fast Fairway has relatively short grass that allows for unhindered running. Shots made from the Fast Fairway have a slightly larger Risk Zone compared to the regular Fairway, and balls that land in the Fast Fairway tend to roll further than usual.


Mario Golf Rough

The Rough is generally the area that surrounds the Fairway. The grass in these areas are much taller than the grass found in Fairways, providing resistance against your shots as well as hindering your run speed.

The safe zone for the shot gauge when playing from Rough areas is smaller, making shot accuracy more difficult to control. You'll want to drive your shots out of these areas and into the Fairway or Green to make your next shots easier.

Short Rough

Mario Golf Short Rough

Short Rough areas are the thin lining that separates the Fairway from the Rough area. Shots from the Short Rough also have an increased Risk Zone, but not as much when compared to the Rough areas. This area also hinders run speed, but also not as much as Rough areas.

Deep Rough

Mario Golf Deep Rough

The Deep Rough are several areas where the grass grows even taller than in Rough areas. Shots made from the Deep Rough have a significantly increased Risk Zone, making shots very difficult to control. They also significantly reduce run speed for players.


Mario Golf Green

The Green is the area that surrounds the hole. The grass in the Green area is kept very short, which means the ball can travel with little to no resistance along the ground. Given how the hole is always in the Green area, putt shots are recommended to land the ball in the hole.


Mario Golf Fringe

The Fringe is the small border that surrounds the Green area. Similar to the Green, Fringes have very short grass so the ball can travel quite easily. Since the Fringe is located at the edge of the Green area you'll have to use long putts to get the ball into the hole, so plan carefully.


Mario Golf Bunker

Also known as sand traps, Bunkers are patches of sand found throughout the course. When hitting a ball from a Bunker, your shot gauge will have a significantly reduced safe zone making the shot very difficult to control and hit. Shot distances from Bunkers are also significantly reduced with a high degree of curving in one direction. Additionally run speed on Bunkers is significantly reduced.

You'll want to avoid having your ball land on a Bunker, but if you do find yourself with your ball in one, use a Wedge club to drive it out of the Bunker.


Mario Golf Rock

Rocky areas are smooth but uneven terrain that's usually found on cliffs and mountainsides. Shots made on rocky terrain don't have reduced distance, but have significantly increased Risk Zones, making them much more difficult to control. To make matters even more difficult, the uneven sloping on rocky terrain causes the the shot gauge to have a very large curvature, so you'll also have to compensate for that.


Mario Golf Wood

Located on wooden bridges, balls that travel on Wood terrains have a tendency to roll further. On the other hand, shots made from Wood have a noticeably larger Risk Zone comparable to that of Rough areas.


Mario Golf Ice

Found in some snowy courses as well as when Luigi uses his Special Shot, balls have increased roll distance when they travel along icy terrain. Players that run through icy terrain will find it difficult to control their running speed and direction.

OB (Out of Bounds)

Mario Golf Out of Bounds

Though not an area you can play out of, your shots can land here if your ball goes beyond the play area of the course. Balls that land here are placed back to their original positions. Additionally, the player who hits an OB shot is penalized with an additional stroke.

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