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Welcome to Game8's guide to the Battle Golf game mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush! Here you can learn about the rules of Battle Golf, Battle Golf Courses, as well as tips and tricks on how to win a match.

What is Battle Golf?

Fight Over Nine Holes On One Gigantic Course

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The mechanics of Battle Golf are similar to that of Speed Golf, but with another twist. Battle Golf pits players against each other in a giant arena while avoiding obstacles such as Chain Chomps, Thwomps, and more. With the need to outmaneuver obstacles and opponents, as well as the need to strategize which hole to aim for, Battle Golf will put your skills and brains to the test.

The game mode can be played solo against CPUs or 4-person multiplayer, both locally and online. If you're finding Battle Golf to be a bit too hectic for your tastes, try Speed Golf to compete against players in a race to sink all the holes on a course.

Speed Golf Guide


  • 1-4 Players Can Play
  • Local Wireless and Online Play is Available
  • There Are 9 Holes
  • All Players Golf at the Same Time!

Battle Golf Rules

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The goal of this mode is to capture three holes. All nine holes are open at the start, but once a player sinks a ball in it, the hole is closed. The first player to reach 3 holes wins.

Gameplay Options

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Before starting to play Speed Golf you must first set up the gameplay options for the game, which are as follows:

  • Play Style (Button or Motion Controls)
  • Number of Controllers Used
  • Number of Players
  • Character Selection
  • Course Selection

Obstacles and Hazards

Mario Golf Chain Chomp

As you battle your way to flag 3 holes in the arena, you will be facing more than just opposing golfers. A variety of obstacles and hazards are also found in abundance throughout the course, each having its own unique way to hinder your progress.

Obstacle / Hazard Description
Whomp.jpg Whomp Giant stone walls that face wherever your character is, making shots difficult to get through.
Thwomp.jpg Thwomp Rectangular stones that move up and down, blocking players and golf balls.
Chain Chomp.jpg Chain Chomp Attacks players and golf balls that get too close to it.
Bob-omb.jpg Bob-omb Bombs that can be struck by players and explode upon landing.
Mario Golf Super Rush - Banana Peel.png Banana Peel Peels that are struck by players and cause any player who steps on them to slip and fall.

List of All Hazards and Obstacles

Rush Events

Mario Golf Super Rush Battle Golf - Rush Events.png

Rush events occur every minute where a randomized hazard or obstacle targets all players, adding yet another layer of chaos into the game. Players can choose whether to have Rush events enabled or not in the course. The various types of rush events can be found below:

Rush Event Description
ice rush.jpgIce Rush Causes all holes to be surrounded by ice for a period of time, making balls roll further than usual.
super star rush.jpgSuper Star Rush Grants all players a Rainbow Dash, allowing them to move quickly for a short period of time.
egg rush.jpgEgg Rush Turns all golf balls into eggs for the next shot, causing the ball to bounce and roll in unpredictable directions.
bob-omb rush.jpgBob-omb Rush Numerous Bob-ombs parachute slowly from the sky, and explode a few seconds after landing.

Battle Golf Courses

Super Golf Stadium.jpg

There are two playable courses in Battle Golf, each having their own type of terrain and approach on how you should play. It takes place exclusively in the Battle Golf Stadium, an action-packed stadium course filled with different obstacles and hazards.

This course has both a Strategic layout, which has simpler terrain, and a Technical layout with more complex terrain. Each layout has the option of turning the Rush Countdown feature on or off.

Battle Golf Stadium Courses
Battle Golf Stadium Strategic Course Walkthrough List of Holes and How to UnlockStrategic Battle Golf Stadium Technical CourseTechnical

Features in Battle Golf

Special Character Abilities

The player has to outrun opponents in between shots in order to finish first. To aid in this, each player has unique Special Dash and Special Shot abilities that help them edge out the competition.

Special Dash

Speed Golf Special Dash

Special Dash abilities are used to get a running boost and to knock running opponents out of your way.

List of All Special Dashes

Special Shot

Speed Golf Special Shot

Special Shot abilities are used for hitting your own golf ball with extra power and for sending away other golf balls that are in your path.

List of All Special Shots

You Can Use Mii Characters

Mii Character Creation.png

You can use Mii characters in Battle Golf, but only if you have completed Golf Adventure. Golf Adventure also allows you to choose and customize your very own Mii character.

Mii Character Customization Guide

How to Win in Battle Golf

Be The First to Capture 3 Holes

Mario Golf Super Rush Battle Golf - Capture 3 Holes.jpg

A winner is only declared in Battle Golf once a player captures 3 holes in the arena. You'll have to rely on your speed and golfing skills in order to outwit your competition and overcome the obstacles around you. Continue reading below for some Tips and Tricks on how to achieve victory in Battle Golf.

Battle Golf Tips and Tricks

Adjust Strategy According to the Map

Battle Golf features 2 styles of maps, namely Strategic and Technical. The Strategic map features simple terrain, which makes players put more focus into deciding which hole they should aim for first.

Mario Golf Super Rush - Target a Separate Flag.png

It's recommended to avoid aiming for a hole where multiple players are already aiming for UNLESS you have a Special Shot ready to clear the floor. Once you commit to aiming for a given hole, be sure to see it through to the end as opting to switch targets in between holes can cost you precious time. Switch targets only if you're certain another player will reach the hole first.

Mario Golf Super Rush - Technical Course.png

The Technical map features more complex and uneven terrain as well as more difficult obstacle positioning, meaning players have to focus on their technique in addition to which hole to aim for. Remember to use golf techniques such as curving your shots around obstacles or using Lob Shots to go over them. Use of Topspin and Backspin are also key to getting the ball to land exactly where you want. It's okay to take a little extra time scoring a good shot in this course to help avoid obstacles and reach the hole faster.

Use Special Shots Wisely

Mario Golf Super Rush - Super Shot on Next Flag.png

Special Shots are powerful tools that when used properly can give you the edge you need to score holes faster. In Battle Golf, you can use your Special Shots in various ways.

One application of Special Shots in Battle Golf is when you need that extra shot distance to reach the Green area for the next hole, making it easier to set up for putts and essentially spending less time on strokes.

Another way to use Special Shots is to use it on an area with multiple opposing players or golf balls near a hole. Most Special Shots unleash an explosive blast that can knock players and golf balls aside, wasting their time and forcing them to go for more strokes.

Collect Items as You Run

Mario Golf Super Rush - Battle Golf Dash.png

You'll find items lying around the arena such as Coins and Hearts. Coins help build up your Special Shot meter faster while Hearts replenish some of your stamina, allowing you to dash for a longer duration or use Special Dashes more often. In the case of Hearts, it's highly advised that you use Special Dashes to move quickly from one Heart pickup to the next in order to keep your speed and momentum going for a longer time.

Use Bob-ombs and Banana Peels to Displace Other Players

Mario Golf Super Rush - Banana Peel.png

You can use Bob-ombs and Banana Peels to slow down enemies or even knock off their golf balls farther from their targets. Interacting with one automatically targets an enemy.

Utilize Drafting More and Special Dashes Wisely

Mario Golf Super Rush - Battle Golf Collect Coins.png

Unlike Speed Golf where there's a brief respite after completing a hole, Battle Golf requires constant movement as you try to score hole after hole after hole. You'll want to conserve Stamina in between running and striking the ball, and the most efficient method of covering long distances is to draft behind your opponents to gain speed. Save Special Dashes for when you need to cover relatively short distances in one go as excessive use drains your Stamina very quickly. Using Dash Panels in your path whenever you can also helps minimize Stamina waste.

Recommended Characters for Battle Golf


Characters Stats
Bowser Golf Power Stat Power: 228 yd

Bowser Golf Stamina Stat Stamina: Character Stamina 120

Bowser Golf Speed Stat Speed: Character 60 Percent Stat.png

Bowser Golf Control Stat Control: Character 60 Percent Stat.png

Bowser Golf Spin Stat Spin: Character 20 Percent Stat.png

Bowser is quite overpowered in terms of stats. For a character who has the second most powerful drive of the game, his Control and Speed stats aren't diminished by all that much. His long range allows you to make more use of his Special Shot, while his high Stamina allows you to use his Special Dash up to two times consecutively, which makes up for his below average Speed.

Additionally, his Special Dash is easy to steer and has a good area of effect, which is ideal for beginners to make use in Battle Golf. Just avoid using Bowser for complicated curve shots or in harsh weather conditions, and you should stomp on the competiton easily.

How to Use Bowser: Character Stats & Abilities


Characters Stats
Yoshi Golf Power Stat Power: 213 yd

Yoshi Golf Stamina Stat Stamina: Character Stamina 90

Yoshi Golf Speed Stat Speed: Character 100 Percent Stat.png

Yoshi Golf Control Stat Control: Character 70 Percent Stat.png

Yoshi Golf Spin Stat Spin: Character 30 Percent Stat.png

With a decent base 213-Power and 7-Control combo, Yoshi can certainly hold is own in stroke play. However, Yoshi really shines due to how effective and easy to use his abilities are. His Special Shot allows you to disrupt opponent's shot trajectories and ball rolls, while his Special Dash is an easily contollable giant egg roll with a flutter kick at the end.

Due to the great movement of his Special Dash, Yoshi will definitely be one to look out for in the Battle Golf stadium course. While you can't use the Special Dash twice consecutively due to Yoshi's lower Stamina, Yoshi being the fastest character in the game does make up for that.

How to Use Yoshi: Character Stats & Abilities

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