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This is a list of all easter eggs, hidden secrets, and references to other Mario games in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to uncover all hidden secrets and things you might've missed in the game's Golf Adventure and other standard golf courses.

All Easter Eggs & Hidden Secrets

Pauline Sings Jump Up, Super Star!

New Character Pauline

During Pauline's Special Shot animation, she sings the chorus of Jump Up, Super Star! right before striking the ball. This song is closely associated with the character and her appearance in Super Mario Odyssey. Pauline also sings it before she does her Special Shot in Mario Tennis Aces.

List of Playable Characters: Full Character Roster

Birdo's Ring

Birdo Mario Golf Super Rush

Birdo's diamond ring is a staple part of her character design in Mario games. However, the ring hasn't been seen on the character since the mobile game Mario Kart Tour in 2019. Birdo's diamond ring makes its reappearance here in the Golf Adventure story mode.

Mario Golf Characters as Clubs

Mario Golf Characters Clubs

While a lot of the characters from the Mushroom Kingdom appear in the game as NPCs and obstacles, there are even more Mario characters alluded to and referenced through the clubs featured in story mode! Below are some of the clubs named after the Mario characters.

Cheep Cheep DriverCheep Cheep Driver Dry Bones Shell 3 WoodDry Bones Shell 3 Wood Lakitu 5 WoodLakitu 5 Wood BullBull's Eye Bill 5-Wood
Goomba 3 HybridGoomba 3 Hybrid Bullet Bill 4 HybridBullet Bill 4 Hybrid Bullet Bill 7 IronBullet Bill 7 Iron Petey Piranha Pitching WedgePetey Piranha Pitching Wedge
Piranha Plant Approach WedgePiranha Plant Approach Wedge Ice Bro Approach WedgeIce Bro Approach Wedge Pokey Sand WedgePokey Sand Wedge

List of All Unlockables

Hidden Characters in Bonny Greens Open

Mario Golf Secret Characters.jpg

Similar to some golf clubs being named after Mario characters, even more Mario characters are named as competitors in the Bonny Greens Tournament near the beginning of Golf Adventure. While you only compete against your rivals and a Pink Yoshi, these characters are listed on the scoreboard as you progress through the holes.

NPCs who are participating

Below is a list of the NPCs who are listed as competitors during the Bonny Greens tournament in Mario Golf:

Paratroopa in Mario Golf Super Rush.pngParatroopa Hammer Bro in Mario Golf Super Rush.pngHammer Bro Dry Bones in Mario Golf Super Rush.pngDry Bones
Koopa Troopa in Mario Golf Super Rush.pngKoopa Troopa Shy Guy in Mario Golf Super Rush.pngShy Guy Spike in Mario Golf Super Rush.pngSpike
Goomba in Mario Golf Super Rush.pngGoomba Paragoomba in Mario Golf Super Rush.pngParagoomba Monty Mole in Mario Golf Super Rush.pngMonty Mole

Characters who don't physically appear but are named

Mario Golf Hidden Characters Cameo.jpg
Below is a list of hidden characters who make a named cameo during the Bonny Greens tournament in Mario Golf:

  • Magikoopa
  • Larry
  • Morton
  • Nabbit
  • Ninji
  • Roy
  • Lakitu
  • Ludwig
  • Wiggler
  • Lemmy
  • Wendy
  • Sumo Bro
  • Fly Guy
  • Rocky Wrench
  • Iggy

Can you Play as the Hidden Characters?

Mario Golf Pink Yoshi Playable Secret Character

A Pink Yoshi and Toadette can be seen playing golf in some modes in Super Rush.

Unfortunately, Pink Yoshi and Toadette are not currently playable or unlockable in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Early on in the Golf Adventure mode, you go up against rival golfer Toadette and a Pink Yoshi during the rookie training. So far this is the only instance of them being opponents during the game.

Given that there are already character models and animations for the two, it makes it more likely that they'll be added in as playable characters in future free updates.

Free Updates: Is There DLC?

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