Can You Play Mario Golf on the Switch Lite? | Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch)

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This is a Switch Lite compatibility article for Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch Lite. Find out if you can play Mario Golf: Super Rush on the Nintendo Switch Lite!

Can You Play Mario Golf on Switch Lite?

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Mario Golf: Super Rush supports Handheld Hode as a play mode option, so it is compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Advantages of Using a Switch Lite

Check Icon You can play anywhere!

Check IconSwitch Lite is cheaper than the normal Nintendo Switch.

A More Portable Golf Game

One of the advantages of using a Nintendo Switch Lite is its portability. You can take it outside more easily due to its smaller size, compared to the normal Nintendo Switch! If the area you bring your Switch Lite to has an available wifi connection, you'll be able to play online golf on the go!

Cheaper than the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Lite is around $100 cheaper than the Nintendo Switch. If you want to experience the new generation of Mario Golf with as little expense as possible, you should consider the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Disadvantages of Using a Switch Lite

Cross IconSmaller screen

Cross IconNot recommended for motion controls

Switch Lite Screen is Smaller

Compared to the normal Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite has a smaller screen. While this does make it more portable, it does limit awareness of your surroundings in competitive modes such as Speed Golf and Battle Golf.

Reduced Compatibility with Motion Controls

Mario Golf: Super Rush can be played with motion controls, where you simulate swinging the Joy-Con as you would a regular golf club. The Nintendo Switch Lite does not come with detachable Joy-Cons, so you'll have to purchase those separately if you want to experience the motion controls. Even then, you'd want a wider screen and view of the courses when you're playing with the motion controls.

How to Use Motion Controls

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