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Mario Golf XC Golf Guide

This guide focuses on the XC Golf Mode (Cross-Country Golf) of Golf Adventure in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn the rules of XC Golf, tips and tricks on how to beat the Ridgerock Lake Qualifier as quickly as possible with your Mii, and the best equipment to use in XC Golf.

How to Play XC Golf

XC Golf is a Unique Golf Adventure Mode

XC Golf (short for Cross-Country Golf) is a unique game mode to Golf Adventure where the player starts off in a set area of a 3, 6, or 9-hole course and is free to take on the holes in any order they desire. However, the player only has a set number of strokes to finish all holes.

Number of Holes Number of Allotted Strokes
3 20
6 30
9 40

Unlock XC Golf in Ridgerock Lake

Ridgerock Lake XC Golf Mode.jpg

After qualifying in Bonny Greens, head to Ridgerock Lake. There, you'll need to complete the XC Golf qualifier in order to obtain the Bronze Badge and move on to Balmy Dunes.

Ridgerock Lake Golf Adventure Walkthrough (Story Mode)

Best Equipment for XC Golf

Equipment Strengths
Mario Golf Range FinderRange Finder
Price: Mario Golf Money Coin 500 (All Shops)

・Helps you determine distance between yourself and the target
・Determining exact distance between yourself and a target tornado helps gain ideal positioning
Piranha Plant Approach WedgePiranha Plant Approach Wedge
Price: Mario Golf Money Coin 800 (Ridgerock Lake)

・Useful in getting the ball to gain height
・Helpful in getting the ball to ride a tornado to the next level of the golf course
Super Mushroom DriverSuper Mushroom Driver
Price: Mario Golf Money Coin 1200 (Bonny Greens)

・Reliable driver that generates topspin
・Useful to cover great distances in Ridgerock Lake's long courses
Mario Golf Stamina AttireStamina Attire
Price: Mario Golf Money Coin 800 (Bonny Greens)

・Allows you to dash for a longer period of time
・Useful to run further in Ridgerock Lake's long courses

Shop Guide: All Items Sold

XC Golf Guide

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

XC Golf Guide
Strategic positioning is essential to clearing XC Golf. You can do the holes in any order you want, but that doesn't mean you should go for the nearest hole all the time. Before you start hitting your shots, plan which holes to prioritize and the path you will take to make those holes.

Recommended Path for XC Golf

A recommended path for clearing the XC Golf qualifiers (9-hole course)

Ridgerock Lake is a multi-layered course with many environmental hazards, so it's recommended to go through the course in one direction, in order to prevent going back and forth between places and wasting strokes.

Similarly, it's better to go from the top to bottom layers in certain areas, as it's challenging to get a ball onto a higher layer. You wouldn't want to go up a layer, go down, then go back up again, as that would be a waste of strokes.

Utilize Tornadoes to go up Layers

XC Golf Guide Using Tornado
Tornadoes are used to go up a layer. Hit your ball at a tornado for it to be carried to the higher layer. Always utilize tornadoes to go up layers. Even if it seems like you can hit the ball up a layer without use of a tornado, you still run the risk of your ball ricocheting off to an even worse position.

Use Range Finder For Accurate Positioning

XC Golf Use Range Finder.jpg

The Shot Gauge and Top View features are useful when lining up shots towards a hole, but they're less useful when trying to reposition yourself closer to a tornado. You're going to need reposition yourself in respect to tornadoes a lot in XC Golf, so in these instances, use the Range Finder.

The Range Finder helps you determine the exact distance between yourself and the target on your reticle, so you can use this to measure distance between where you are and where you want to position yourself next, before setting the power of your next shot.

List of All Unlockables

XC Golf Tips and Tricks

Being Skilled in Curve Shots is Ideal

XC Golf Ridgerock Lake Curve Shots.jpg

In Ridgerock Lake's XC Golf, you can usually hit a straight line from one hole to another. However, there's almost always a tree hazard blocking these kinds of shots. The solution literally around this is getting skilled at curved shots. This isn't recommended for beginners, however, as messing up the curve shot could lead to your ball ending up in deep roughs.

Special Dash Through Brolders

Mario Golf Special Dash Obstacles.gif

The Brolders are an obstacle found in Ridgerock Lake during XC Golf. If you come into contact with them, you will get knocked down. They're mostly easy to avoid though, as they travel in easily observable, set paths. However, if your ball lands on their path, you will have to Special Dash through them in order to destroy them.

List of All Hazards and Obstacles

Good Place to Farm Coins

Ridgerock Lake XC Golf Farm Money.jpg

There are a lot of coins to be found on the course during XC Golf, so it's a good place to gather up as much coins as you can. There is a 2-min timer for you to reach your ball after your previous shot, but that is a relatively large amount of time for simply just reaching your ball.

Money Farming Guide: How to Quickly Earn Coins

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