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This is a guide to defeating the Snow King in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about tips and strategies on where to find and how to beat the Snow King, as well as how to get the Platinum Badge.

Where to Find the Snow King

Snow King Mario Golf Super Rush

Your battle with the Snow King will take place at the very end of the Golf Adventure storyline. After making your way to Bowser Highlands, you will be immediately directed to the Main Course, where you need to complete the first 9 holes before reaching the Snow King.

Bowser Highlands Course Adventure Walkthrough (Story Mode)

How to Beat the Snow King

How to Beat the Snow King
Check Icon Avoid purple area where Snow King attacks
Check Icon Watch out for temperature depletion
Check Icon Shoot down crystals with Bob-ombs
Check Icon Deflect Snow King's snowball attacks when crystals are shielded in ice

Dodging the Attacks

Dodging Snow King Attacks

Upon starting the battle with the Snow King, you will immediately see purple markings on the ground. The Snow King will lob snowballs and Freezies at these marked areas, so steer clear of these purple markings to evade the Snow King's attacks. You can also use your Special Dash to quickly dodge attacks.

Watch Your Temparature

How to Beat Snow King

Getting hit by one of the Snow King's attacks will decrease your Mii character's temperature. You can view your temperature gauge in the upper-left corner of the screen. If your temperature gauge falls below 0, you will fail the battle and must restart the fight.

Taking Down the Crystals

Snow King Attacks Mario Golf

The first step to defeating the Snow King is to get rid of his arms by taking out the crystals in the arena. You can spot a total of four crystals around the room, two of which emit a beam of light. Run to one of the platforms in front of the crystals and press the A Button near one of the Bob-ombs.

Hitting a Crystal.jpg

Launch Bob-ombs at both of the glowing crystals to get rid of the Snow King's arms. If the Bob-ombs are destroyed or if you miss your shot, wait a few moments for the Bob-ombs to respawn.

Damaging the Snow King

Snow King Boss Battle Mario Golf

After getting rid of both his arms, the Snow King will start launching large snowballs at you. After the first snowball has been launched, it will leave behind a mound of snow on the ground. Stand on the snow mound and Press the A Button.

Duff Shot Snow King

You can now use Duff Shots to deflect the second snowball back at the Snow King. If successful, you will destroy the bottom segment of the Snow King, leaving him with only his torso and head.

How to Perform Lob Shots and Duff Shots

Snow King Phase 2

Snow King Battle Stage 2

After destroying the bottom segment of the Snow King, he will regrow his arms, and you will need to get rid of them again. However, this time you need to hit all four crystals in the room with Bob-ombs.

No Arms or Bottom.jpg

Once you hit all four crystals, you again need to deflect another snowball at the Snow King by waiting for it to launch the first snowball and hitting the second snowball with a Duff Shot.

Finshing Off the Snow King

Beating Snow King

After successfully destroying the Snow King's torso he will be left with a head and two floating arms. During the final stage of the battle, all the crystals around the room will be shielded in ice, and you can no longer hit them with Bob-ombs.

How to Defeat Snow King Mario Golf

Instead of aiming for the crystals, you can immediately start deflecting the Snow King's snowballs by following the previous steps. Once you successfully deflect one last snowball, you have officially defeated the Snow King and will receive your Platinum Badge.

Recommended Equipment and Golf Clubs

Item Description How to Obtain
Goomba 3 HybridGoomba 3 Hybrid Hits shots that are unaffected by ice.
Price: Currency 1500

Available in Bowser Highlands shop

Because the only shots you actually need to hit are at the crystals, long-distance clubs are not necessary when defeating this boss. Instead, it is better to bring a more versatile club such as the Goomba 3 Hybrid, which has the added benefit of being unaffected by ice.

Item Description How to Obtain
Heat AttireHeat Attire Reduces damage from gimmicks.
Price: Currency 1200

Available in Bowser Highlands shop

Heat Attire is essential in during this battle to help prevent heat loss and allow you to take more hits from the Snow King.

Item Description How to Obtain
Snow ShoesSnow Shoes Reduces speed loss in snow.
Price: Currency 1000

Available in Bowser Highlands shop

Snow Shoes allow to move faster through the snowy floors of the room.

Shop Guide: All Items Sold

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