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This is a guide to downloadable content (DLC) for Mario Golf: Super Rush for Nintendo Switch. Learn more about what is coming in free updates and if there are upcoming DLCs for the game!

Free Content Update for Mario Golf: Super Rush

Second Free Content Update

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A second free content update was announced for Mario Golf Super Rushed on September 23, released later in the day. The free update includes two new playable characters and two new courses.

  • New playable character: Koopa Troopa
  • New playable character: Ninji
  • New course: Blustery Basin
  • New course: Spiky Palms

First Free Content Update

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While there's no news on DLC, on August 5th, Nintendo announced that a new update will be released within the day. The free update includes:

  • Ranked Match Mode
  • New playable character: Toadette
  • New course: New Donk City
  • Improvements to Motion controls
  • New color variants for Yoshi

Update and Patch Notes

Is There DLC for Mario Golf: Super Rush?

No Confirmed DLC

Nintendo has yet to give any specifics regarding the DLC's release date. The announcement of the first free content update noted that more updates will arrive later in the year, so that is most likely where the game's new content will come from for the foreseeable future.

Latest News

If Nintendo does release new info regarding DLCs, we'll be sure to let you know! In the meantime, you can check out the latest Mario Golf: Super Rush news below!

Latest Mario Golf: Super Rush News

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