Golf Adventure Mode (Story Mode) Walkthrough | Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch)

Mario Golf Adventure Story Mode Walkthrough

This guide covers all you need to know to play Golf Adventure mode, the story mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Here, you can learn about the different features of Golf Adventure mode including courses, XC Golf, bosses, outfits, shops, Mii customization, and how to level up your character.

Completing Adventure Mode First is Recommended

Golf Adventure Settings.png

Completing Adventure Mode in Mario Golf Super Rush will help you to master all of the necessary skills in order to conquer every course! As you progress in Golf Adventure, your Mii character will gain experience points and coins, allowing you to purchase new clubs and outfits.

We recommend completing the story mode first to gain a complete understanding of all the tools available in your golfing arsenal, including top and backspin shots and lob shots.

Golf Adventure Mode Course Walkthroughs

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Bonny Greens.jpgBonny Greens Ridgerock Lake.jpgRidgerock Lake (XC Golf)
Balmy Dunes.jpgBalmy Dunes Wildweather Woods.jpgWildweather Woods
Bowser Highland Banner.JPGBowser Highlands

Bonny Greens

Stage 1
Bonny Greens.jpgBonny Greens
Badge Unlocked
Chrome Badge
No. Objectives
1 Meet the manager in front of the clubhouse
2 Go meet the Caddie Master
3 Take some lessons at the Practice Area
4 Try the Rookie Course
5 Play a Qualifying Round on the main course
6 Rest up in your room
7 Start Tournament at the Gate
8 Rest up in your room
9 Start final round at the gate
10 Head to Ridgerock Lake
Course Overview
List of All Holes and How to Unlock

Learn more about the starting area of the game and how to earn the Chrome Badge with our detailed guide on Bonny Greens!

Bonny Greens Course Adventure Walkthrough

Ridgerock Lake (XC Golf)

Stage 2
Ridgerock Lake.jpgRidgerock Lake
Badge Unlocked
Bronze Badge
No. Objectives
1 Head to Ridgerock Lake after qualifying at Bonny Greens
2 Play a practice round of XC Golf
3 Play a standard round of XC Golf
(3 Holes)
4 Play a standard round of XC Golf
(6 Holes)
5 Register for the Badge Qualifier at the front desk
6 Enter the Badge Qualifier
7 Visit Master Stinger
8 Head to Balmy Dunes
Course Overview
List of All Holes and How to Unlock

For a complete guide on how to earn the Bronze Badge and conquer Cross Country Golf (XC Golf), check out our guide on the Ridgerock Lake Golf Course!

Ridgerock Lake Course Adventure Walkthrough

Balmy Dunes

Stage 3
Balmy Dunes.jpgBalmy Dunes
Badge Unlocked
Silver Badge
No. Objectives
1 Give Speed Golf a try
2 Play a round of Speed Golf Training
3 Play the Back 9
4 Play a Speed Golf Badge Qualifier
5 Head to Wildweather Woods
Course Overview
List of All Holes and How to Unlock

Master the mechanics of Speed Golf and obtain the coveted Silver Badge by reading our complete guide on the Balmy Dunes Golf Course!

Balmy Dunes Course Adventure Walkthrough

Wildweather Woods

Stage 4
Wildweather Woods.jpgWildweather Woods
Badge Unlocked
Gold Badge
No. Objectives
1 Play a Practice Round
2 Play a round of Speed Golf Training
3 Learn to hit Lob Shots
4 Obtain a lob wedge
5 Learn the way of the Duff
6 Talk to the coach about your Lob Shot skills
7 Visit the statue
8 Travel to the Treasure Corner in Search of the Power of Flame
9 Check out Mount Snow
10 Win a Special Match
11 Head to Mount Snow
Course Overview
List of All Holes and How to Unlock

Check out our complete guide on the Wildweather Woods Golf Course for tips on how to earn the Gold Badge and complete the Great Trials!

Wildweather Woods Course Adventure Walkthrough

Bowser Highlands

Stage 5
Bowser Highlands Banner.JPGBowser Highlands
Badge Unlocked
Platinum Badge
No. Objectives
1 Battle the Snow King
Course Overview
List of All Holes and How to Unlock

It's time to take your mastered skills and put them to the test in this final stage of adventure mode! Traverse Bowser's diverse domain, save the kingdom, and earn the Platinum Badge!

Bowser Highlands Course Adventure Walkthrough

Golf Adventure Mode Bosses

Sacred Flamebeast Duff Shot.jpg
As you train through the different stages of Adventure Mode, you will face several challenging missions from the unique characters of the Mushroom Kingdom and face-off against powerful bosses in epic golf battles.

Boss Location Items Unlocked
Great Trials Statue Icon.jpgThe Great Trials Wildweather Woods Lightning Sword
Sacred Flambeast Icon.jpgSacred Flamebeast Balmy Dunes Fire Gem
Snow King Icon.jpgThe Snow King Bowser Highlands Platinum Badge

List of Bosses

Golf Adventure Mode Overview

Explore the World

NPC Characters.png
In the world of Golf Adventure, your character will be enrolled in a prestigious country club to train and develop your golf skills from rookie to pro. You can interact with the different characters and train with in-game coaches to further hone your skills.

Level Up Your Character

Level Up.png
You can level up your character by training or winning matches, and each time your character levels up, you will receive EXP and a boost in your character's stats.

How to Level Up your Character Fast

Buy Items from the Shop

Mario Golf Super Rush - Shop.jpg
As you progress through the story, you will earn coins which you will be able to spend on new gear that can improve your golfing skills.

Shop Guide: All Items Sold

List of Outfits

List Of Outfits Top Image.png

See all the customizable outfits you can wear in Mario Golf Super Rush and the extra effects they give your player!

List of Outfits

Mii Character Customization

Mii Character Creation.png

Adventure Mode allows you to choose and customize your very own Mii character. You can also allocate points to the different stats of your Mii character as you level up, allowing you to customize your character's build.

Mii Character Customization Guide

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