Stadium Strategic Course Walkthrough: List of Holes and How to Unlock | Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch)

Battle Golf Stadium Strategic Walkthrough List of Holes and How to Unlock

This guide covers all the holes found in Battle Golf Stadium Strategic Course, a course in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Check this walkthrough to learn about the different hazards, obstacles, and weather conditions found on this course as well as tips and strategies for each hole!

Battle Golf Stadium Strategic Course Map and Overview

Battle Golf Stadium Strategic Course Map
Description Simple terrain that puts the focus on strategy.
How to Unlock This course is available from the start of the game.
Rush Countdown On: Rush events will occur once per minute.
Off: Rush events will not occur.

Battle Golf Strategic Course Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions
•There are no weather conditions present in Battle Golf.

Battle Golf Strategic Course List of Holes

Battle Golf Strategic Course Obstacles and Hazards

Chain Chomp Locations

All Chain Chomp Locations
Chain Chomps around a fixed area and can interrupt shots while aiming.

Thwomp Locations

All Thwomp Locations
Thwomps move up and down and can block shots, knocking the ball off course.

Bob-omb Locations

All Bob-omb Locations
In Battle Mode Bob-ombs act as exploding golf balls that you can hit at your opponents.

How to Win in Battle Golf

Fight Over Nine Holes On One Gigantic Course

Mario Golf Super Rush - Battle Golf.png

Now you know the layout of the course, it's time to put your skills to good use and win yourself a match in Battle Golf. Face off against players in a giant arena while avoiding obstacles such as Chain Chomps, Thwomps, and more. Check our guide below to learn more about this mode, as well as tips and tricks on how to win a match!

How to Win in Battle Golf

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