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Mario Golf List of All Bosses Guide Sacred Flamebeast

This guide contains a list of all the golf adventure bosses in the game Mario Golf: Super Rush. Read on to learn about all the bosses and challenges you will face in Golf Adventure (story mode) including: the Great Trials, the Sacred Flamebeast, the Snow King, as well as tips and strategies on how to beat them.

List of Golf Adventure Mode Bosses

The Great Trials

Statue Comes to Life.jpg

The Great Trials are a set of three challenges in Wildweather Woods that test the skills you have learned throughout your journey. Learn more about the Great Trials and how to clear each stage in our complete guide!

Great Trial Boss Guide: How to Obtain the Lightning Sword

Sacred Flamebeast

Defeating Sacred Flamebeast.png

The Sacred Flamebeast is a boss that you can battle in the Treasure Corner of Balmy Dunes immediately after completing the Great Trials. Find out how you can defeat the Sacred Flamebeast and obtain the Fire Gem in our boss guide!

Sacred Flamebeast Boss Guide: How to Beat the Sacred Flamebeast

The Snow King

Snow King.jpg

The Snow King is the final boss of Mario Golf: Super Rush and the final challenge before completing the game. To finish the game and earn the Platinum Badge, check out our complete guide to beating the Snow King.

Snow King Boss Guide

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