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This is a guide to completing the Great Trials in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about different tips and strategies on how to obtain the Lightning Sword and beat all three Great Trials: the Trial of Distance, the Trial of Loft, and the Trial of Timing.

How to Start the Great Trials

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To start the Great Trials, you need to progress through the Golf Adventure story until you reach Wildweather Woods. After completing a round of Speed Golf Training, you will travel to several locations around the map to learn about Lob Shots. Make sure to pay attention during these lessons as they are vital to completing some of the Trials.

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After learning about Lob Shots, you will be prompted to visit the statue through a path in Wildweather Woods. As you make your way to the statue, you will meet Wario and Waluigi failing to complete the Trials. Once they leave, you can begin the Great Trials.

Stages of the Great Trials

Great Trial I - The Trial of Distance

Great Trial I Overhead.jpg

The first Great Trial requires you to land 3 consecutive shots in the marked circles on the ground. If you miss even one of the three shots, you have to restart this part of the trial. Make sure to bring golf clubs with varied ranges that can line up with each of the circles.

List of Golf Club Sets

Great Trial I Final Circle.jpg

For the farthest circle, we recommend using your golf club with the highest range, such as the Super Mushroom Driver or Cheep Cheep Driver.

Great Trial II - The Trial of Loft

Wall of Water.jpg

During the Great Trial II, a large wall of water will rise from the stream ahead. The goal for this stage is to land three consecutive shots into the marked circles on the other side of the water wall.

Great Trial II Overhead.jpg

Here, you can apply the lessons you have just learned on performing Lob Shots. Use the overhead view to measure the estimated amount of distance you need to cover to land in the circle. Remember to bring your Lob Wedge before going through the trials.

How to Perform Lob Shots: Lob and Duff Guide

Great Trial III - The Trial of Timing

Statue with the Sword.jpg

For the final trial, you must face off against the statue itself in a battle, and use your Duff Shots to deflect the lightning attacks used by the statue.

Evading Attacks Great Trial III.jpg

Upon starting the battle, purple marking will appear on the ground. Evade these purple marking to dodge the statue's attacks. After successfully dodging its first few attacks, dirt patches should pop up from the ground where the attack landed.

Duff Shot Great Trial III.jpg

Stand on one of the patches of dirt and press the A Button to ready your shot. A duff gauge will appear near the bottom of the screen. Press the A Button again once the outer circle intersects with the inner circle to perform a Duff Shot and deflect the statue's attack.

Obtain Lightning Sword.jpg

You need to deflect the statue's attack three times to complete the Trial and obtain the Lightning Sword.

Obtaining the Fire Gem

Obtain Fire Gem.jpg

After completing the Great Trials, the statue will instruct you to obtain the Fire Gem in Treasure Corner. As you obtain the Fire Gem, you will forced to battle against the Sacred Flamebeast. For tips on defeating the Sacred Flambeast, check our complete boss guide.

Sacred Flamebeast Boss Guide: How to Beat the Sacred Flamebeast

Recommended Equipment and Golf Clubs

Item Description How to Obtain
Super Mushroom DriverSuper Mushroom Driver Generates topspin.
Price: Currency 1200

Available in Bonny Greens shop

At this point of the game, you can achieve the most distance in your shots from the Super Mushroom Driver due to its inherent topspin effect. This is helpful for the final shot of Great Trial I.

Item Description How to Obtain
Lob WedgeLob Wedge Allows you to hit Lob Shots. Given by Master Lob

Having the Lob Wedge makes the second trial significantly easier as you can use lob shots to quickly get your ball over the water wall.

Item Description How to Obtain
Lightning AttireLightning Attire Reduces lightning damage and effects.
Price: Currency 1000

Available in Wildweather Woods shop

In case you do get hit by one of the statue's lightning attacks in Great Trial III, we recommend you bring the Lightning Attire to help lessen the effects of lightning.

Shop Guide: All Items Sold

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