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This is a guide on how to perform lob shots and the duff gauge in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to hit your ball higher and get more height with your shots.

How to Get Lob Wedge and Learn Lob Shots

Lob Shots are unlocked during Adventure Mode and can only be performed when you have the Lob Wedge equipped. In order to learn how to use Lob Shots and obtain the Lob Wedge in Adventure Mode, you can follow the steps below:

Speak with the Coach and Clear His Training

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After clearing a round of Speed Golf Training in Wildweather Woods, a Toad will inform you of a coach who teaches a unique type of shot in the Practice Area. Once you head there, speak with the coach and he will lend you his Lob Wedge as he teaches you about Lob Shots.

Locate Master Lob

Master Lob.jpg

Once you complete the coach's training exercise he will take back the Lob Wedge he lent you, but at the same time he will tell you to seek out Master Lob for a new Lob Wedge. Master Lob is located in Bonny Greens, so you'll have to backtrack to this area and speak to him in order to receive a Lob Wedge.

Master the Way of the Duff

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After receiving your new Lob Wedge, Master Lob will also ask you to seek out Master Duff for further training and gives you a Letter of Recommendation. Master Duff is located at the practice course in Balmy Dunes, so head there and give him the recommendation letter.

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Once he verifies the letter's authenticity, he'll proceed to give you training on the Duff Gauge and Super Lob Shots. Complete the training and you'll be able to use Lob Shots and Super Lob Shots in other courses now.

How to Perform Lob Shots

What are Lob Shots?

lob shot tutorial.jpg

Lob Shots are shots that send a ball flying at a higher vertical distance at the cost of losing horizontal distance. Super Lob Shots are similar but add even more vertical height at a greater cost of horizontal distance.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Perform Lob Shots

How to Perform Lob Shots - Steps
Lob Wedge.jpg 1. Equip Lob Wedge
Y button.png 2. Switch from a Standard Shot to a Lob Shot (press Y Button once) or a Super Lob Shot (press Y Button twice)
A button.png 3. Start shot gauge
A button.png 4. Set shot power

Tip: for setting the power of your Lob Shot, you want to hit the ball with a little more power than desired for the ball to land at the spot you want.

How to Use Duff Gauge

Duff Gauge.png

After setting your shot power, the Duff Gauge will appear. A hollow orange circle will appear at the bottom of the screen followed by a large, but rapidly shrinking white ring. When the white ring reaches inside the orange area, press the A button to strike a successful Lob Shot.

Pressing A when the white ring reaches the narrow dark orange area results in a more accurate shot. On the other hand, pressing A when the white ring is not in the orange area will result in a Duff Shot, knocking your ball a short distance away and causing you to waste a stroke.

When to Perform Lob Shots

Taking the Ball to New Heights

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Lob Shots are particularly useful for getting your ball on to an area with higher elevation. The added height the ball gets also helps it fly over obstacles a short distance ahead of it.

Safely Drive Balls Out of Difficult Terrain

terrain lob shot.jpg

Lob Shots are also used to drive your ball out of difficult terrain such as Deep Roughs and Bunkers without losing too much control (despite the Risk Zone being visibly higher). Do take note that in addition to the reduced horizontal distances, Lob Shots become more susceptible to the effects of Wind the higher the shot goes.

Golf Course Terrains

When to Perform Duff Shots

Duff Shot Great Trial III.jpg

Duff Shots aren't particularly helpful in the regular golfing courses. However, Duff Gauge mastery is a key method of attack against certain bosses you'll face in Adventure Mode, so be sure you've practiced and mastered the Way of the Duff. You can check out the bosses you'll face below.

List of Bosses

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