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This is a guide on how to farm money and quickly earn coins in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to farm coins with your Mii in the Golf Adventure story mode!

Money Effects in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Coins in Speed and Battle Golf

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Money appears as coins in the three major game modes: Golf Adventure, Speed Golf, and Battle Golf. In Speed and Battle Golf, coins spawn directly on the course for players to pick up and players drop them when knocked out by other players or by hazards and obstacles. These coins are for filling up the bar used to power Special Shots.

Additionally, collecting coins as a Mario character earns you 3 character points per coin. Earning character points allows you to unlock star club sets for the Mario characters.

How to Earn Character Points

Coins in Golf Adventure

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On the other hand, coins in Golf Adventure are used to buy better equipment as the player progresses through the story mode. They can be earned in a number of ways. This article will be a guide on how to farm coins in Golf Adventure.

How to Quickly Earn Money

Complete Missions & Practice Area Challenges

NPCs that give Optional Games

Earn money at the end of missions and games

The main way to earn coins is through doing missions and practice area challenges. Every location has a Practice Area where a few NPCs offering challenges (denoted by blue exclamation points above their heads) and the challenges usually just ask you to go over a certain golf mechanic again. They're relatively simple, make you better at the game, and let you earn more coins quickly, so it's recommended to complete them all.

Don't Restart Missions

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If you're struggling with a certain mission or practice area challenge, don't quit then restart! You still earn coins at the end for finishing it out. Quitting will only ensure that you've wasted time, as you'd net a total of 0 coins.

Golf Course Adventure Walkthroughs

Get Coins While Traversing the Course

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During particular missions, coins appear while traversing the course. Take the time to run through them in order to acquire them! The course traversal in Golf Adventure is less pressing for time than the course traversal in Speed Golf, so you'll have plenty of time, even to go for the lines of coins out of your way. In particular, it's easy to gather coins in Ridgerock Lake and XC Golf, as you aren't pressed for time in that golf mode.

XC Golf Tips and Tricks

Best Money Farming Spot

Repeat the Lob Lesson

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One of the quickest ways to farm coins is to repeat the Lob lesson, which is unlocked after finishing the Speed Golf Practice Course in Wildweather Woods. The Lob lesson rewards you 500 coins and it will only take you approx. 1 minute to finish it.

How to Perform Lob Shots

Balmy Dunes Practice Area

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Another method to farm coins in Mario Golf: Super Rush is in the Balmy Dunes Practice Area. Specifically, you want to keep replaying the Sand-shot Challenge found there. The Sand-shot Challenge only takes approx. 1 minute to finish and rewards 300 coins upon every completion. If you get the perfect score, which is relatively easy to do, you are rewarded 400 coins.

Sand-Shot Challenge Guide

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The challenge itself is fairly simple: shoot balls out of a sand bunker. It doesn't require you to change your aim as the hole is directly in front of you. All you have to do is set the correct amount of power on the shot gauge, which is also very simple. Just make sure not to surpass the pin on the shot gauge.

What to Equip

Equipping the Pokey Sand Wedge should help in this challenge especially, since the Wedge increases the control of your swing in bunkers.

Best Equipment for Adventure

Where to Spend Money

Balmy Dunes Shop Equipment.jpg

You spend your money at the Shop, which is found in every area. Each Shop offers unique golf equipment with different stat buffs that will help you a lot in your golf adventure.

Shop Guide: All Items Sold

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