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This is a guide on how to use tornadoes in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Read on for tips and tricks on how to utilize tornadoes in the clearing the XC Golf of Ridgerock Lake.

What are Tornadoes?

XC Golf Guide Using Tornado
Tornadoes are used to get yourself and your ball to go up a layer onto the next hill. Hit your ball at a tornado for it to be carried to the higher layer. When completing the XC Golf courses in Ridgerock Lake, it's important to always utilize tornadoes to go up layers, so the strategy of XC Golf is formed around tornadoes.

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How to Use Tornadoes

Line Up Shot With Tornado in the Path

Line up your shot to the next level with a tornado in the path. You can see if the tornado is in the ball's path through the Top View feature or the projection of the ball's trajectory that's displayed before you set your power.

Ideally, you'd want to aim for the greens, so you'd want to choose the club that'd best get you over there. The tornado doesn't drastically affect the trajectory or the carry of the ball. It will just help it avoid bouncing off the rocky slope.

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Don't be Too Close to the Rocks

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While the tornadoes will help your ball carry over to higher level ground, it doesn't 100% guarantee it. For instance, if you're too close to the rocky slope, then the tornado's effect won't prevent it from richocheting off the rocky side. Avoid this by increasing the distance between you and the tornado.

Utilize the Wedge Club

In the instance you are closer than you should be to the tornado and the rocks, then the wedge is most suited to be your solution. Wedges can cover great vertical distance on their own, without the need of gaining horizontal momentum. This could work if positioned correctly near the tornado and if the ridge isn't too steep.

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Use Range Finder to Get Good Position

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The Range Finder helps you determine the exact distance between yourself and the target on your reticle, so you can use this to measure distance between where you are and where you want to position yourself next, before setting the power of your next shot. Use this to better position yourself in relation to the tornado.

The most important tip in using tornadoes is positioning. If you're a decent distance away from the tornado and the shot is lined up for a hole on a higher level, then you shouldn't have any problems. Keep in mind that it only takes 1 stroke to reposition to a more strategic spot, while an unintended ricochet off the rocky side could cost you a number of them.

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