How to Use Chargin' Chuck: Character Stats and Abilities | Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch)

Chargin Chuck Character Stats and Abilities

This guide is on how to use Chargin' Chuck, a new character in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about Chargin' Chuck's stats and club sets, all character animations, as well as Chargin' Chuck's Special Shot and Special Dash abilities!

Chargin' Chuck New Playable Character

Chargin Chuck New Playable Character.jpg

The sportiest of the Koopa's and one of Mario's notorious foes, Chargin' Chuck makes his debut as a playable character in Mario Golf: Super Rush. He also appears as one of the rivals in the Golf Adventure mode.

Chargin' Chuck Character Stats

Chargin' Chuck Specialty

Chargin' Chuck
Specialty Power

Chargin' Chuck Stats

Standard Club Set

Star Club Set
Super Star Club Set
Chargin Power
224 yd
Chargin Stamina
Character Stamina 110
Chargin Speed
Character 60 Percent Stat.png
Chargin Control
Character 60 Percent Stat.png
Chargin Spin
Character 10 Percent Stat.png
Chargin Power
254 yd
Chargin Stamina
Character Stamina 110
Chargin Speed
Character 60 Percent Stat.png
Chargin Control
Character 50 Percent Stat.png
Chargin Spin
Character 20 Percent Stat.png
Chargin Power
284 yd
Chargin Stamina
Character Stamina 110
Chargin Speed
Character 60 Percent Stat.png
Chargin Control
Character 40 Percent Stat.png
Chargin Spin
Character 30 Percent Stat.png

Chargin' Chuck Abilities

Special Shot

Scrimmage Stinger
Blasts away balls in its path.

Special Dash

End-Zone Dash
Charges and dives, knocking opponents off balance.

How to Use Chargin' Chuck

Mind the Lower Stats

How to Use Chargin Chuck Mario Golf.jpg

Chargin' Chuck has the same diminished Control and Speed stats as other Power specializers Bowser and Donkey Kong. However, Chargin' Chuck's Power level barely qualifies him in the same category as them—Rosalina is only 1 point below him in Power but has way better stats all around.

Special Dashes are an Investment

Chargin Chuck Special Dash.jpg

Chargin' Chuck's Special Dash has 4 hit boxes; when he's charging, when leaps, when he lands, and as he's tumbling. It's a bit rigid in that it has you have to charge into the opponent directly for the hit to register. This makes it not an ideal Special Dash for Battle Golf.

With Chargin' Chuck's 110 Stamina, you may also Special Dash up to 2 times consecutively, but you'll have to be very conservative with your regular dashes.

Needs Room For Special Shot

Chargin Chuck Special Shot Football.jpg

Chargin' Chuck' Special Shot blasts away all balls in its path, which means it's best used further from the hole (in Speed Golf: on tee shot/earlier in the fairway).

How to Unlock Chargin' Chuck Star Club Sets

In order to unlock Chargin' Chuck's ★ Star and ★★ Super Star Club Sets, you need to earn character points playing as Chargin' Chuck in Standard Golf, Speed Golf, or Battle Golf! The table below depicts how much character points you need to earn in order to unlock each Star Club Set.

Club Set Character Points Required
Standard Available at the Start
★ Star 1000 Character Points
★★ Super Star 3000 Character Points

How to Earn Character Points

All Chargin' Chuck Scores and Celebrations

Hole-in-one / Birdie Animation Pose

Chargin' Chuck - Birdie (-1) or better
The pose for scoring birdies, eagles, albatrosses, and hole-in-ones are the same.

Par Animation Pose

Chargin' Chuck - Par (0)

Bogey Animation Pose

Chargin' Chuck - Bogey (+1) or worse

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