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This is a guide on the best stats to level up for Golf Adventure in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to put stats and what the max power is when leveling up your Mii character.

Best Stats to Level Up

Level Up Power and Control

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Power and Control are the best Mii stats to level up in Golf Adventure. These two stats are essential in making your Mii Character a better golfer, as they help you get more accurate shots closer to the hole faster, which is helpful in all missions.

In particular, you want your Control to be above 6 and your Power to be at least 190 by the time you enter Ridgerock Lake, an early area that is heavily dependent on hitting the ball far and putting straight.

Power and Stamina Stats Don't Decrease

Leveling up a certain stat will sometimes cause other stats to decrease. For example leveling up the Power stat could decrease your Speed stat at times. However, the Power and Stamina stat are never affected by this and don't decrease, making them wiser investments than the other stats.

No Need to Focus on Stamina or Speed

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Stamina and Speed may seem like incredibly important stats due to modes with course traversal, but are not necessary to progress through story mode. The timed trials and speedy course traversal encourage you to play quickly, but they don't demand that you level up your stamina and speed to complete them.

If you do wish to improve at course traversal, Stamina is the better investment of the two stats. Besides not decreasing, as previously stated, a 120-point Stamina allows you to Special Dash twice in a row and still have stamina in reserve. Getting your Mii's stamina to 120 should be enough to help them clear the game.

Spin is Optional

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Putting points in Spin gives you the ability to spin or shape your shots. It's particularly useful if there's a large obstacle that's standing between your ball and the hole since you can make your ball curve around the obstacle mid-flight. The more points you put into the Spin stat, the more times you can curve your ball mid-flight, up to a maximum of 4 times.

For most scenarios however Power and Control are more consistent and straightforward in application and you won't really be needing multiple curves to dodge obstacles most of the time, so if you really want some Spin for the scenarios with obstacles just 3 or 4 points on Spin is fine.

Can You Respec to Level Up Stats?

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Once you spend points on leveling up a certain stat, you cannot respend the point on a different stat. Be careful that you have updated the correct stats when you decide to level up a stat, and that you are fine with any stat decreases that may be affected by leveling up one stat.

Max Values for Each Stat

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In the case of Power, you can opt to put as many points in it as you want. However since the maximum level cap in the game is 100, this means you'll have up to 99 character points to use. Assuming you put all 99 character points into Power, the maximum Power value you can achieve is 360 yards.

For Stamina, the maximum value caps at 150.

For Speed, Control, and Spin, the maximum value caps at 10.

How to Level Up Stats

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Gain EXP to level up your stats by completing missions and side games. Progress through the story, do the side games, and make sure to complete all rounds of golf in order to earn EXP as fast as possible.

Leveling Guide: How to Farm Experience Points

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