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Tips and Tricks
Game8 has got you covered on all the tips and tricks you'll need to conquer the courses in Mario Golf Super Rush! Check here for strategies and hints on how to get unlockables, accounting for terrain, hazards, and weather conditions, as well as how to add spin to your shots and earn character points.

Tips and Tricks for Starting Out in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Beginner's Guide

Using the Shot Gauge

Shot Gauge.jpg

The shot gauge appears to the right of the screen while you are making your shots. Press the A Button to start the shot gauge and press it again to set the power. The higher you set the bar, the more power the ball will have.

Setting your shot's power too high will risk the gauge going into the Risk Zone, which decreases the accuracy of your shot. If you have set your shot in the Risk Zone, a small ! icon will appear on top of the gauge.

How to Run Fast Without Dashing

Mario Golf Super Rush - Drafting.png

Dashing and Special Dashing can consume a lot of stamina. A smarter way of conserving your stamina while still moving around quickly is through Drafting. Follow along behind another dashing player and you will catch their speed, allowing you to dash without depleting any of your stamina.

Recommended Characters for Beginners

Below are the Mario Golf characters recommended for beginners due to their easy to control abilities and emphasis on Power or Speed, while maintaining relatively well-balanced stats. Remember that you can use any Mii Character you create for the Golf Adventure story mode in any other golf mode!

Bowser Golf Character
Rosalina Golf Character
Yoshi Golf Character
Mii Character Golf Character
Mii Character

Beginner's Guide

List of All Unlockables

How to Unlock Courses

To unlock each course in the Standard and Speed Golf modes, you need to play 18 holes (not necessarily consecutive) on the previous course. Alternatively, you can unlock the course by progressing through the Golf Adventure story mode.

Item How to Unlock
Rookie CourseRookie Course -
Bonny GreensBonny Greens Already Available
Ridgerock LakeRidgerock Lake Play 18 Holes on Bonny Greens.
Balmy DunesBalmy Dunes Play 18 Holes on Ridgerock Lake.
Wildweather WoodsWildweather Woods Play 18 Holes on Balmy Dunes.
Bowser HighlandsBowser Highlands Play 18 Holes on Wildweather Woods.

All Unlockables

Mario Golf Course Unlockables.jpg

Looking to unlock new courses and gear in Mario Golf: Super Rush? Check out the guide below for a complete list of all unlockables in the game!

List of All Unlockables

Hazards and Obstacles

Hazards and Obstacles.png

Find out all the hazards and obstacles you will encounter in the different courses of Mario Golf: Super Rush, as well as tips and tricks on how to avoid or overcome each one!

List of Hazards
Mario Golf Water HazardWater Hazard Mario Golf Bowser HighlandsLava Hazard Mario Golf Tree HazardTree Hazard Mario Golf BunkerBunker
Mario Golf Quicksand.jpgQuicksand Mario Golf Lightning.jpgLightning
List of Obstacles
Mario Golf ThwompThwomp Mario Golf Chain ChompChain Chomp Mario Golf Bob-ombBob-omb Mario Golf Sheep ObstacleSheep
Mario Golf Boulder Obstacle RidgerockBrolder Mario Golf Ty-FooTy-Foo Mario Golf PokeyPokey Mario Golf SandmaarghSandmaargh
Mario Golf BiddybudsBiddybuds Mario Golf Piranha CreeperPiranha Creeper Mario Golf Mr. Blizzard.jpgMr. Blizzard Mario Golf FreezieFreezie
Mario Golf Snow PokeySnow Pokey Mario Golf PodobooPodoboo Mario Golf Fire BarFire Bar Mario Golf CharvaarghCharvaargh
Mario Golf Whomp.jpgWhomp

List of All Hazards and Obstacles

Weather Conditions and Effects

Mario Golf Super Rush - Windy.jpg

Weather has an impact on your shots! This guide will tell you about the different weather conditions in Mario Golf: Super Rush, as well as tips on how to prepare for the environmental challenges that await you.

Mario Golf Super Rush - Wind.jpgWind Mario Golf Super Rush - Rainy Weather.jpgRain Wildweather Woods.jpgLightning Balmy Dunes.jpgArid

Weather Conditions and Effects

How to Change Game Difficulty

Mario Golf Change Difficulty

Having trouble with the game's difficulty? See our guide below to find out whether changing the difficulty is possible.

How to Change Game Difficulty

Golf Course Terrains


Learn about the different types of terrain you'll encounter in the different courses of Mario Golf: Super Rush, as well as their respective features and effects!

List of Terrains
Mario Golf FairwayFairway Mario Golf Fast FairwayFast Fairway Mario Golf RoughRough Mario Golf Short RoughShort Rough
Mario Golf Deep RoughDeep Rough Mario Golf GreenGreen Mario Golf FringeFringe Mario Golf BunkerBunker
Mario Golf RockRocks Mario Golf WoodWood Mario Golf IceIce Mario Golf Out of BoundsOut of Bounds

List of Terrain and Terrain Effects

Differences Between Left and Right-Handed

How to Change Hand Orientation

Mario Golf Super Rush - Change Dominant Hand Golf Adventure.jpg

In Mario Golf: Super Rush, you can choose whether to have a left-handed or right-handed gameplay experience. For Golf Adventure, open the Options from the Main Menu and head to the Handedness section. You can then switch between Left-Handed and Right-Handed for your Mii character.

For Standard, Speed Golf, or Battle Golf, you can switch any character's dominant hand during the character selection by pressing the Y button.

Is There Difference Between Left and Right-Handed?

Mario Golf Super Rush Left Handed.jpg

Mario Golf: Super Rush is all about holding and swinging your golf club. Know the differences between using your left hand and right hand and why it's important to use your dominant hand.

Differences Between Left and Right-Handed

How to Earn Character Points

Mario Golf Super Rush - Character Points.png

Character Points are earned from using a character in a Golf mode. Use Character Points to unlock the star club sets of the Mario Golf characters!

Below is a list of club sets that players can unlock using Character Points:

Club Set Character Points Required
Standard Available at the Start
★ Star 1000 Character Points
★★ Super Star 3000 Character Points

Below is the amount of points you earn for the scores you get while playing golf with any of the Mario characters.

Hole-in-one 100 points
Albatross 50 points
Eagle 20 points
Birdie 10 points
Starting a hole 10 points
Picking up a Coin
(Speed Golf / Battle Golf)
3 points

How to Earn Character Points

Best Characters

Best Characters

Curious on who you should play as in Super Rush? Bowser, Rosalina, and your customized Mii Character should easily stomp on the competition in any competitive game mode. Meanwhile, Yoshi has tremendous Speed and very useful special abilities, making him formidable at Speed Golf and Battle Golf. Boo is a master at curve shots, making him a character to watch out for in Standard Golf.

Best Characters Overall
Bowser Golf Character
Rosalina Golf Character
Mii Character Golf Character
Mii Character
Best Character for Speed Golf and Battle Golf
Yoshi Golf Character
Best Character for Standard Golf
Boo Golf Character

The Best Characters for Every Game Mode

How to Unlock Super Star Club Sets

Mario Golf Star Clubs

Curious as to how your character's stats will improve with a set of Super Star Clubs? Check our guide below for a complete list of all the stats for Super Star Club sets!

Super Star Club Stats

Character Power Stamina Speed Control Spin
Mario 280 100 9 4 8
Luigi 271 100 9 5 8
Wario 283 120 6 4 6
Waluigi 273 100 8 5 8
Peach 269 90 8 6 8
Daisy 278 120 9 5 8
Yoshi 273 90 10 5 7
Bowser 288 120 6 4 6
Bowser Jr. 275 90 8 5 9
Boo 270 110 6 5 10
Donkey Kong 285 120 6 4 4
Rosalina 283 110 8 4 6
Pauline 270 100 8 6 8
Toad 268 90 9 6 8
Chargin' Chuck 284 110 6 4 3
King Bob-omb 290 120 3 3 3
Mii Character - - - - -

All Super Star Club Stats

Advanced Techniques Tips and Tricks

How to Add Spin to Your Shot

Mario Golf Super Rush - Backspin.png

Spin controls how the golf ball behaves once it hits the ground. Set your shot power first and then add a spin to your shot depending on your distance from the hole.

How to Add Spin to Your Shot - Steps
A button.png 1. Start shot gauge
A button.png 2. Set shot power
L stick.png
(Left or Right)
3. Add Spin to your shot

How to Add Spin to Your Shot

How to Perform Lob Shots

lob shot.png

Lob Shots send a ball flying at a higher vertical distance at the cost of losing horizontal distance. To perform a lob shot you must first equip a Lob Wedge and select your shot type.

How to Perform Lob Shots - Steps
Lob Wedge.jpg 1. Equip Lob Wedge
Y button.png 2. Switch from a Standard Shot to a Lob Shot (press Y Button once) or a Super Lob Shot (press Y Button twice)
A button.png 3. Start shot gauge
A button.png 4. Set shot power

How to Perform Lob Shots

How to Speedrun Mario Golf: Super Rush

Bowser Getting Ready.jpg

Speedrunning the game takes a lot of practice and dedication, but with our tips and tricks, we can show you how to quickly make your way through all six courses of the game at a record-breaking pace!

Tips for Speedrunning

  • Use Button Controls
  • Fast-Forward Through Animations
  • Curve Shots Up or Down
  • Aim Your Shot Beforehand
  • Save Your Special Shots

Speedrunning Guide

Adventure Mode (Story Mode) Tips and Tricks

Mii Customization

Mario Golf Super Rush Mii Customization

Learn how to create your character with the Mii Maker in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch, as well as all the available settings for your Mii's appearance.

Mii Character Customization Guide

Level Up Your Character

Mii Character Level Up Mission.jpg

Gain EXP to level up your stats by completing missions and side games. If you progress through the story and do the side games, you should have enough EXP to max out your Mii Character.

How to Level Up your Character Fast

Best Stats to Level Up

Power Stat Icon.png
Control Stat Icon.png

Power and Control are the best Mii stats to level up in Golf Adventure. With these two stats, you get more accurate shots closer to the hole faster, which is helpful in all missions.

Mario Golf Best Stats to Level Up

You are free to assign points to level up your Mii Character stats in any order you'd want.

Best Stats to Level Up

How to Quickly Earn Coins

Mario Golf Super Rush How to Farm Coins.jpg

The main way to earn coins is through doing missions and practice area challenges. Every location has a Practice Area where a few NPCs offering challenges (denoted by blue exclamation points above their heads) and the challenges usually just ask you to go over a certain golf mechanic again. They're relatively simple, make you better at the game, and let you earn more coins quickly, so it's recommended to complete them all.

Money Farming Guide: How to Quickly Earn Coins

How to Use Tornadoes

XC Golf Tornado Tips and Tricks

Tornadoes are used to get yourself and your ball to go up a layer onto the next hill. Hit your ball at a tornado for it to be carried to the higher layer. When completing the XC Golf courses in Ridgerock Lake, it's important to always utilize tornadoes to go up layers, so the strategy of XC Golf is formed around tornadoes.

How to Use Tornadoes

How to Use Each Type of Golf Club

How to Use Clubs Tips and Tricks.jpg

There are five different types of golf clubs in Golf Adventure; drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges. Learn all about these different types of golf clubs and tips on how to use them most effectively!

Golf Club Type Specialty
Mario Golf DriversDrivers ・Greatest distance
・Lowest loft
・Typically used on the first stroke from the tee
Mario Golf WoodsWoods ・Lesser distance than Driver
・Greater loft than Driver
・Commonly used when you need to cover slightly less than distance the Driver.
Mario Golf HybridsHybrids ・Cover distances that range between that of a Fairway Wood or a Long Iron
・Typically used when you're nearing the hole and don't want to overextend
Mario Golf IronsIrons ・Covers a variety of distances between that of Hybrids and Wedges
Mario Golf WedgesWedges ・Highest loft of all clubs
・Used when on the fringe or border of the greens
・Used when trying to get out of sand bunkers

List of Golf Clubs

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