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This guide will explain how to level up your character in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn the best methods to level up and how to reach your Mii's maximum level!

How to Farm Experience Points & Level Up

Gain Experience Points by Completing Missions

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Gain EXP to level up your stats by completing missions and side games. If you progress through the story and do the side games, you should have enough EXP to max out your Mii Character.

Don't Restart Missions or Side Games

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If you're struggling with a certain mission or side game, don't quit then restart! You still earn EXP at the end for finishing it out. Restarting will only ensure that you've wasted time, as you'd net a total of 0 EXP.

Golf Adventure Guide

Fail Duff Lesson During Main Story

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An objective during the main story will be to learn how to do Duff Shots. The challenge itself is a simple quick-time event where you'll have to set the shot at precisely the right moment. However, what you'll want to do is repeatedly fail the lesson, as failing gives you 214 EXP every time. The reason you have to fail it is because completing the lesson will cause the challenge to become unreplayable.

Repeat the Lob Lesson

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One of the quickest ways to grind EXP is to repeat the Lob Lesson, which is unlocked after the Speed Golf Training Round in Wildweather Woods. Finishing the lesson grants you 150 EXP, so doing it for at least three times will level you up, whereas playing a 9-hole tour takes much longer and only levels you up about twice. After mastering this lesson and speeding it up using the B button, you can complete this lesson in just a few minutes.

If you are planning to max out your Mii, it is recommended to beat the story first (along with the optional training challenges) before trying this method, as a typical playthrough will get a Mii character to around Level 65 to 70. By then, you can begin doing this method, as it is a quick grinding spot and gives more EXP than other methods.

How to Perform Lob Shots

How to Level Up Stats

Level Up to Earn Points That Buff Stats

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Every time your Mii character levels up, you gain points that you can use to increase your character's stats. These stats help you perform better as a golfer in the story mode. You are free to assign these level up points at your discretion to any of the stats listed below.

Stats Description
Power Stat Icon.png
How far you can drive the ball.
Stamina Stat Icon.png
How long you can dash.
Speed Stat Icon.png
How fast you can run.
Control Stat Icon.png
How straight you can hit the ball.
Spin Stat Icon.png
How much you can spin/shape shots.

Can You Respec to Level Up Stats?

Mario Golf Stats Assignment
Once you spend points on leveling up a certain stat, you can't take it back to respend it on a different stat. Be very sure when you decide to level up a stat, especially because leveling up certain stats will sometimes cause other stats to decrease.

Best Stats to Level Up

Power and Stamina Stats Don't Decrease

Leveling up a certain stat will sometimes cause other stats to decrease. For example, leveling up the Power stat could decrease your Speed stat at times. However, the Power and Stamina stat are never affected by this and don't decrease, which make them more wise investments.

What Is the Mii Max Level? (Level Cap)

The Max Level is 100

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In Mario Golf: Super Rush, the max level is at Level 100. A typical run through story mode will reach around level 60 to 70. If you wish to max out your Mii's stats, 100 will be your limit.

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