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This guide covers how to spin your shots in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to add backspin, super backspin, and topspin, and when to use each type of spin.

How to Add Spin to Your Shot

Spin Controls

Spin controls how the golf ball behaves once it hits the ground. Set your shot power first and then add a spin to your shot depending on your distance from the hole.

Listed below are the game's basic controls:

Basic Controls
L button.png Special Shot
R button.png Range Finder
L stick.png
(Left and Right)
Aim and Shape Shot
L stick.png
(Up and Down)
Change Club
X button.png Top View
A button.png Set Shot Power

Controls and Best Settings


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Topspin causes the ball to drop sooner but roll farther. To add topspin, double-tap the A button after setting your shot power.



Backspin causes the ball to rise, float, and stop quickly when it lands leaving a small trail of fire. To add backspin, tap the B button once after setting your shot power.

Super Backspin

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Super backspin causes the ball to roll backwards a bit after landing. To add super backspin, double-tap the B button after setting the power gauge.

When To Spin Your Shot

Use Topspin to Advance Farther in the Course

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Adding topspin to your shots is effective on holes with a long distance, especially during Speed Golf. You can advance your golf ball farther from the other players' balls, giving you the competitive advantage, but at the risk of getting your ball off course. Try not to maximize the shot gauge when attempting to add topspin to your shots.

If you want to increase the distance, move the left thumbstick forward after setting a topspin to add further verticality to your shot. Only do this if the ball will land on a large, open Fairway. Otherwise, you're risking your ball landing in the Rough.

Backspin Can Safely Put the Golf Ball on the Green

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Backspin can almost guarantee that your golf ball will land in the exact area you targeted, making it the ideal spin for securing your golf ball on the Green, given that your club can reach the Green with no obstacles obstructing your view.

If you want your golf ball to land immediately, move the left thumbstick downwards after setting a backspin to decrease the verticality of your shot.

Super Backspin Ensures You Don't Overshoot the Hole

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Super backspin helps landing a ball directly on the green without sliding off, making it useful when taking shots directly into the hole.

Similar to a regular backspin, you can control the verticality of your shot by moving the left thumbstick downwards or upwards after setting a super backspin.

Where to Learn Spin Shots

You can add spin to your shots from the beginning of the game, but if you're looking to sharpen your spin shots a bit, head to the Practice Area in Ridgerock Lake.

Topspin Lessons

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As mentioned above, you can get spin lessons in Ridgerock Lake. To learn specifically about topspins, enter the Practice Area and talk to the Hammer Bro on the left, next to the Koopa Paratroopa.

Backspin Lessons

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To learn specifically about making backspins, turn left once you enter the Practice Area and talk to the Hammer Bro on the left side.

Ridgerock Lake Course Adventure Walkthrough

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