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This is a guide on tournament mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush for Nintendo Switch. Check here to learn more about whether tournament mode is available in the game or not!

Is There a Tournament Mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush?

Currently, there is no known tournament mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush. While free updates have been announced for the game, whether a tournament mode is in the plans or not is currently unkown. For the latest patch updates on Mario Golf: Super Rush, be sure to check out our guide below.

Update and Patch Notes

Available Modes in Mario Golf Super Rush

While tournament mode may not be available, there are still ways to compete with other golfers in head-to-head competition! The following is the current list of all game modes available in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Mode Description
Adventure Mode Learn the basics of golf and set out on a journey to become a pro!
Speef Golf Mode Compete with others to get your ball in the hole fastest as you race from hole to hole.
Battle Golf Mode This intense mode will put players in a chaotic battle where the first to make 3 holes wins!
Standard Golf Mode The typical golf experience. Take your time and focus on your skills as you aim to get the lowest score!

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