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Mario Golf Super Rush Weather Conditions

This is a guide on the Weather Conditions in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about the different weather conditions and how it affects your game.

Weather Effects in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Weather Has An Impact On Your Shots

Mario Golf Super Rush - Windy.jpg

The courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush can experience a variety of changing weather patterns, which could impact your shots and how you approach a course. This includes rain and strong wind.

Water Level and Temperature

Water Level Decreasing.jpg

While going through certain courses in Adventure Mode, you also need to consider the water level and temperature of your character. Warm temperatures will decrease your water level over time, and cold weather affects your temperature. If the gauge falls below zero, you will be forced to restart the course.

List of Weather Conditions


Wind Affects the Trajectory of Your Shot

Mario Golf Super Rush Wind

Wind speed will affect your shot's overall trajectory. Take note that the higher the shot, the more the shot will be affected by the wind. With that in mind, always look at the wind status at the top-right corner of the screen, which indicates the direction and speed of the wind.

Bonny Greens.jpg

Bonny Greens, for example, is a windy course with steep cliffs and a lake, which has a slightly more advanced terrain that will require you to plan your shots due to the wind speed in the area.


Wet Terrain Affects the Roll

Mario Golf Super Rush Rainy Weather

During rainy weather, your ball won't roll as far as usual. You'll want to compensate for this by hitting the ball a bit harder, especially when putting since a wet green prevents your ball from rolling too much. Heavy rain can be experienced while playing in the Wildweather Woods course.


Launching the Ball Too High Gets You Struck by Lightning

Mario Golf Super Rush Lightning Wildweather

In addition to rain, Lightning Hazards are also present in Wildweather Woods. This could cause the player to get struck by lightning if they launch the ball too high. To prevent lightning strikes, do not go over the caution-marked section of the shot gauge.

List of All Hazards

Warm and Arid

Use Equipment to Reduce Water Loss

Mario Golf Super Rush Arid Balmy Dunes.jpg

In the Balmy Dunes course, warm and arid weather can be felt, which will lead to overheating if your water intake gets too low. The course's fairway also have the same properties as a bunker, meaning that the ball stop will quickly when they land.

Mario Golf Super Rush - Cool Clothing.jpg

As mentioned above, Balmy Dunes presents actual environmental challenges such as conserving water intake. Save up coins to purchase equipment that could help you in this course.

Best Equipment for Adventure


Hole 1 Overview.jpg

Snowy weather only appears in the Adventure Mode courses of Bowser Highlands. In snowy weather, you can encounter unique obstacles that only appear in Adventure Mode, such as Mr. Blizzards and Freezies. The snow covering the ground in several courses also makes it more difficult to make your shots.

List of All Hazards and Obstacles

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