How to Beat Daemons

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This is a guide for beating daemons in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to learn more about the combat methods that you can use when dealing with daemons!

How to Beat Daemons

Combat Tips

Iron Giant

Daemons are more powerful than the enemies that you usually encounter during the day. They generally have higher stats and more dangerous attack patterns.

In addition to damaging the current HP of the party member that they attack, their attacks can also decrease the maximum HP of their targets without even putting them into Danger state.

Generally, you can defeat any daemon regardless of your level if you are really used to dodging attacks and performing attacks that deal bonus damage like blindside attacks and warp-strikes. If not, it is recommended to be at least level 30 and equipped with gear relative to your level to make it easier. Unlocking combat-useful ascension abilities also helps a lot.

You can also unlock the Daemon Destroyer ascension ability and use warp-strikes to easily break daemon appendages. Breaking an appendage will lower down the stats of the daemon to help ease the battle.

Daemon Destroyer

Waiting for Sunrise

Daemons only show up at night for a reason. You can also defeat daemons by dragging out the battle until sunrise and let the sunlight damage them continuously.


If you think that you cannot hold the daemons anymore, you can escape by getting out of the red zone shown in your minimap. This will end the battle and make the daemons stop following you.

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