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This page lists all the items obtainable in the game Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on to know more about all the items in the game and their usage.

Item List per Category


FFXV Auto-Parts.png
Auto-Parts are items in FFXV that you can use to customize your car (Regalia). You can change the appearance, performance, and as well as the music that you hear while driving.
List of Auto-Parts


FFXV List of Consumables.png
Consumables are items in FFXV that are consumed upon use. Most of these items can be purchase from the shop or collected throughout the world.
List of Consumables


FFXV List of Ingredients.png
Ingredients are items in FFXV that are used for cooking recipes at campsites and also serve as catalysts when crafting spells.
List of Ingredients

Key Items

Key Items are items in FFXV that you will receive after completing a quest.
List of Key Items

Leisure Goods

Leisure Goods are items in FFXV that are related to leisure activities in the game: chocobos, fishing, and betting in the Totomostro mini-game.
List of Leisure Goods


Treasures are items in FFXV that are use to upgrade weapons and use as a catalyst in spell-crafting recipes.
List of Treasures

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