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This is a guide to beating the mini-boss Projector in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) from the INTERmission DLC in the Intergrade PS5 version. This article explains Projector's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Projector Basic Information

Projector Enemy Icon
Species Movement Type
Mechanical Flying Mini-Boss


A small device that floats inside Shinra's now-obsolete combat simulator. It contains stores of monster and weaponry data, which it uses to virtually contruct training exercises.

Assess (Tips)

It projects data of a diabolical creation to shield itself, and the creature must be dealt with before this device can be attacked.

Projector Stats

Easy Normal Hard
HP Currently Unknown 17880 Currently Unknown

Projector Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness / Status Ailments -
Lesser Resistances -
Greater Resistances -
Immunities Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk
Absorbed Elements -


Easy/Normal Hard
Gil 378
AP 10
Exp 1334
Items Dropped -
Rare Items Dropped -
Steal -

Best Characters, Equipment, Materia for This Boss

Available Characters

Yuffie IconYuffie Sonon IconSonon

You can only use Yuffie and Sonon for this fight.

Recommended Characters

Yuffie IconYuffie Weapon: 4-Point Shuriken
Armor: Chthonian Armlet
Accessory: Ribbon
Sonon IconSonon Weapon: Marshalist's Staff
Armor: Ninja Armlet
Accessory: Kindred Cord

Don't focus too much on magic

The Diabolic Creation is weak to Ice, but it's arm is immune to magic damage. You want to have a lot of physical damage to make sure you cripple its arm to stagger it then throw the Ice magic at it. A balance of magic and physical damage is recommended for this fight.

Best Materia for Yuffie

Weapon (4 Slots)
Armor (4 Slots)

Best Materia for Sonon

Weapon (3 Slots)
Armor (4 Slots)

Tips & Strategies for Beating Projector

Strategy Checklist
(Click to jump)

Defeat the Diabolic Creation

Defeat the Diabolical Creation.jpg
The Projector is surrounded by an unbreakable barrier that won’t disappear unless you defeat the Diabolic Creation it is projecting. The Diabolic Creation is an enemy you will have to deal with, it acts as the Projector's bodyguard and will be continuously summoned until the Projector is defeated.

Focus on the Diabolic Creation's Arm

Target Diabolical Creation Arm.jpg
To defeat the Diabolic Creation as soon as possible you will want to focus down its right arm. Once crippled, it will be more susceptible to staggering! Beside's its arm, the Diabolic Creation is weak to the Ice element. You will want to use physical attacks on its arm then switch to ice attacks once it is crippled! Synergize with Sonon and break its arm in a flash!

Bring Antidote

Use Antidotes.jpg
You might want to bring a lot of antidotes when fighting the Projector. The Diabolic Creation has an impossible to avoid poison attack so you'll be taking a lot of damage from poison without antidotes.
Antidote Location and Effects

Throw everything at the Projector

Once you do take out the shield of the project, throw everything you got at it! If you don't destroy it while it is staggered it will recover its shield and summon the Diabolic Creation again. If you can deal enough damage you will only have to fight the Diabolic Creation once, so save up some ATB right before you beat the Diabolic Creation and use it all up on the Projector!

Scarlet & The Crimson Mare Attack Phases

Diabolical Creation

Tentacle Slam

Tentacle Slam.jpg
The Diabolical Creation raises and slams its right tentacle arm in front of it. Deals pretty good damage but has a long wind-up time when it's raised, giving you time to react.


The Diabolical Creation disappears then reappears and grabs its target. The attack is unblockable and fairly quick so it is tough to avoid. The upside is that this attack doesn’t deal too much damage. You can avoid this attack by running away whenever you see it disappear.

Tentacle Drill

Tentacle Drill.jpg
The Diabolical Creation shoves its tentacles into the ground and resurfaces below its target. It is a fast and hard-to-see attack. Hold block when you see the name of the ability come up.

Poison Shroud

Poison Shroud.jpg
The Diabolical Creation shrouds itself in a poison veil. Try not to attack close-range or you will be poisoned for sure.

Tentacle Reconstruction

Tentacle Reconstruction.jpg
If you destroy the Diabolical Creation’s right arm, it will regenerate it with this move after it recovers from its pressured or staggered state.


It fires a Firaga spell at the target. It can deal a lot of damage and tough to avoid. If its target is Yuffie, use the Booomerang ability Brumal Form.


Shield Deployment

Shield Deployment.jpg
After recovering from its staggered state, the Projector is going to activate another shield. No attacks can touch the Projector until this shield is broken.

Projection Sequence

Projection Sequence.jpg
The projector summons a Diabolical Creation to protect it. Defeating the Diabolical Creation is the only way to break the Projector's barrier and put it into a staggered state.

Projector: Hard Mode Guide

Projector Hard Mode Video Guide

Recommended Materia

Materia Reason
Independent Materias.pngHP Up

・Try and give 2 to each character
・Attach 4 to the Ninja Armlet to level them up
・Try to start leveling them up as early as possible
Magic Materia.pngHealing

・Link to Magnify for best effects
・Still useful without Magnify
Magic MateriaRevival

Only give to Yuffie
・Sonon will revive Yuffie by sacrificing himself if she dies
Command Materia.pngChakra

・A way to heal without using MP
・Heals more based on how much HP you've lost
Command MateriaPrayer

・Heal all party members without using HP
・Requires 2 ATB so it can prevent you from using other attacks
Independent MateriaMP Up

・Gives you a boost to your MP
・Great for Hard Mode where you can't recover MP easily
・Equip 2 to each character if possible
Independent MateriaSteadfast Block

・Fills the ATB Gauge when blocking attacks
・Sonon can also make use of it
Support Materias.pngSynergy

・Equip on Sonon
・Every time Yuffie uses a command Sonon will follow up with the weakest linked magic
・Does not require ATB or MP

Not Much Different from Normal

The attacks used by the Diabolic Creation on Hard Mode are the same as on Normal. This means you can follow the same strategies as Normal mode, though you may have to defeat it a few times to get rid of the Projector for good.

Your Remaining MP is the Biggest Challenge

As you'll have fought a few bosses and a gauntlet of enemies up to this point, depending on how you used your magic in previous fights your MP might be on the lower side with no way to recover it. Take advantage of Chakra or Prayer to heal and save MP for when you're in a pinch. Yuffie's Boomerang also has an increased MP regen rate that can be useful.

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