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On the Other Side Discovery Guide | Warding Materia Location

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This is a guide to the Chapter 10 Discovery: On the Other Side in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This guide will walk you through how to unlock this quest, as well as where to find the Warding Materia.

How to Unlock On the Other Side (Discovery)

Quest Location and Rewards

Quest Name On the Other Side
Requested By -
Time / Location Chater 10
Sewer System - Aqueduct 2
Reward Warding Materia

Chapter 10: Rough Waters Story Guide & Walkthrough

On the Other Side Discovery Guide


1 Spot the Materia on the other side of the iron bars while in Aqueduct 1.
2 Go around from the other side to pick up the materia.

Warding Materia Location

Look for it on the other side of the iron bars

This event will trigger when you first spot the materia lying on the other side of the iron bars in Aqueduct 1. You'll only need to go around it from the other side and pick it up to clear this quest.

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