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Waste Recovery Discovery Guide | Airbuster Components Disposal

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This is a guide to the Chapter 7 Discovery: Waste Recovery in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This guide will walk you through how to unlock this quest, as well as which Airbuster parts you should dispose of.

How to Unlock the Waste Recovery Discovery

Quest Location and Rewards

Quest Name Waste Recovery
Time / Location Chapter 7
Sector 5 Reactor Front Gate
Rewards Magic Up Materia
・Phoenix Down ×2
・Ether ×2
・Hi-Potion ×2
・AI Programming Core
・Big Bomber

Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung Story Guide & Walkthrough | Airbuster Keycard Choices and Locations

Air Buster Disposal Guide


1 Disable the Emergency Lock in the main story.
2 Examine the Keycard on the waste disposal console to right of the lever.
3 Disable the Emergency Lock four times.
4 Pull the Waste Disposal Lever.
5 Pick up the items that have fallen down.

Tips & Airbuster Choices

Unlock the Emergency Locks Four Times

Emergency Locks.jpg
For the Waste Recovery Discovery, you'll need to disable the emergency lock four times. There's no penalty for making a mistake, so take it easy and just aim to do it correctly four times.

Airbuster Choices | Best Airbuster Disposal


We recommend taking out as many of its AI Programming Cores as possible. This will limit its ability to use its Fingerbeams, which can stun your party members and are highly dangerous. Removing AI Programming Cores will have the added benefit of limiting Airbuster's movement abilities, making its attacks slower.

Where to Find Airbuster Keycards


There are a total of 6 Keycards obtainable in the Assembly Plant area. You're required to use the first keycard to take out an M Unit, so other than that, you're free to choose how to use them.

Each of the 6 Keycards can be found in the following locations. See the Chapter 7 Maps section for detailed locations of each of the Keycards on the full Map.

Room Location
Room B8 In the middle of the left wall
Room B7 In the middle of the right wall
Hallway between B7 and B6 Far left corner of the middle area
Room B6 In the middle of the left wall
Room B5 In the far left corner of the room
Room B5 On a box on the right side of the room

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