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This is a guide to the Chapter 6 Discovery: Collapsed Passageway in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This guide will walk you through how to unlock this quest, as well as where to find the Elemental Materia.

How to the Unlock Collapsed Passageway Discovery

Quest Location and Rewards

Quest Name Collapsed Passageway
Time / Location Chapter 6
Sector 4 Plate Interior / Section H
Reward Elemental Materia

Chapter 6: Light the Way Story Guide & Walkthrough

Elemental Materia Location


1 In section G (Lower Level), you should see a blue materia on the other side as you cross a bridge.
Try to walk across the tattered bridge, which will collapse.
2 Continue along the story, where you will eventually walk across a pipe that goes alongside the wall.
The Inside the Ventilation Fan Discovery will trigger.
Go down the ladder in front of Lamp 3.
5 Defeat the two Queen Grashtrikes.
6 Take the elevator and continue.
7 Pick up the Elemental Materia.


Get Materia by taking the elevator to the bottom


By lowering the bridge to its bottom-most possible extent, you will also be able to get the MP Up Materia sitting on the bridge's i-beam.

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