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How to Beat Swordipede | Boss Guide

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This is a guide to beating the Boss Swordipede in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This article explains Swordipede's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Swordipede Basic Information

Stats and Weaknesses

Swordipede Enemy Icon
Species Movement Type
Artificial Life Flying Boss


A bionic species created by Shinra's R&D Division. These specimens are difficult to control, as their behavior regulation mechanisms have not yet been perfected. They circle in the sky searching for quarry, then swoop down to attack.

Assess (Tips)

Tactical data not available.

Swordipede Stats

Easy Normal Hard
HP 10771 19584 28296
Attack 297 508
Magic Attack 223 373
Defense 132 194
Magic Defense 132 194

Swordipede Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness / Status Ailments -
Lesser Resistances -
Greater Resistances -
Immunities Stop
Absorbed Elements -

Stagger Rates

×1 ×1 ×1 ×1
×1 ×1 ×1 -

Stagger Length

Stagger Length 10 seconds


Easy/Normal Hard
Gil 1250 3280
AP 12 36
Exp 900 4752
Items Dropped Force Bracelet (100%)
Rare Items Dropped -
Steal -

Learnable Enemy Skills

No Enemy Skills can be learned from Swordipede.

List of Enemy Skills

Swordipede Boss Battle Guide

Swordipede Abilities and Attack Patterns

Name Element Blockable? Knockdown? Status
- Yes No -
Deals damage with the sawblades on its bottom side.
physical.pngSaw Blade
- Yes No -
Starts the saw blade in its mouth up and goes after a target.
magical.pngLive Wire
lightning.png Yes No -
Envelops itself in electricity before dashing wildly toward your party members.
magical.pngEnergy Volley
- Yes No -
After spinning around wildly, comes to a slow and drops balls of energy around the arena.
physical.pngSaw-Toothed Spin
Phase 2.jpg
- Yes Yes -
Turns its body into a giant saw and spins around the arena.

*Status Effects and Ailments Guide

Best Characters for This Boss

Available Characters

Cloud IconCloud Barret IconBarret Tifa IconTifa Aerith IconAerith
Yuffie IconYuffie Sonon IconSonon

Best Characters and Equipment

During the first phase, you should use Barret as your main attacker and Cloud as your support since there will come to a point where Swordipede will fly higher. After its HP drops to about half of the bar during the first phase, it will get enraged and will move on to the second phase where the others will finish it off.

Before the second phase, you will have an opportunity to open the menu and change your equipment. Use Aerith as your main attacker and Tifa as your support as Aerith's long range attacks will be much effective in this battle.

Swordipede Attack Phases

Phase 1

Phase Point Summary
1 Cloud and Barret will fight it first. It will occasionally use Saw Blade and Live Wire while floating around.
2 It will fly higher and use Energy Volley while moving around before going down again.

Phase 2

Phase Point Summary
1 Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII will fight it this time. It will now use Saw-Toothed Spin in addition to Live Wire and Energy Volley
2 It will fly higher like on the previous battle before using Energy Volley and going back down again.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Swordipede

Strategy Checklist
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Use Barret in the First Phase


Cloud will have a hard time damaging Swordipede in the first phase as you will need to hit its head to deal a noticeable damage, otherwise it will just be "blocked". Attacking it head on will just make it easier for Swordipede to damage you with its circular saw so using Barret would be your best bet.

Remove Auto-Lock During Energy Volley

Energy Volley.jpg

Locking-in to Swordipede's head will make it easier to damage it but it will also make it more difficult to dodge the orbs from Energy Volley. Remove your auto-lock by pressing R3 again and adjust your camera angle so that you will see where each of the orbs will hit.

Open the Menu Before the Second Phase


During the cutscene after the first phase, you will be given an opportunity to open the menu and prepare for the next phase by holding the square button. Take advantage of this to optimize Tifa and Aerith's equipments. You can also transfer equipments and materias from Cloud and Barret!

Use Aerith in the Second Phase


Same as Barret during the first phase, Aerith will make it much easier to deal damage with her long-ranged attacks during the second phase. Increase her damage output by equipping her Magic Up materia and your highest leveled elemental materia. Lightning materia is recommended as it is easier to hit and will strike through the pillar in the middle. To make it more devastating, use Arcane Ward on Aerith before casting your Thundaga!

Watch Out for the Saw-Toothed Spin

Saw-Toothed Spin.jpg

Saw-Toothed Spin is a very quick attack so you cannot run away from it unlike Live Wire and Energy Volley. Instead, you should watch where it spins. Each spin will either be through the inner or outer area of the circle. It will move really quick so you need to focus on where it spins. After spinning, Swordipede will stop for a while so unleash your most powerful attacks before it moves again.

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2 Anonymousalmost 4 years

Fight is a joke with elemental Materia and lightning in an amour slot. Hwsls you as you fight

1 Anonymousabout 4 years

I initially thought its name is swordipie. 9 yr old army hyperventilates.


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