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Subterranean Menace Walkthrough | Side Quest 24 Location and Rewards

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Subterranean Menace
This is a walkthrough for Side Quest (Odd Job) 24: Subterranean Menace in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This guide will explain quests locations, as well as how to defeat the Type-0 Behemoth and obtain the Wrecking Ball.

Previous Quest Corneo's Secret Stash
Current Quest Subterranean Menace
Next Quest -

Subterranean Menace Rewards and Information

Quest Giver Location Chapter
Wymer Evergreen Park 14
Reward Rating
Wrecking Ball ★★★

Subterranean Menace Walkthrough

1 Speak with Wymer, found in the Sector 6 Slums Evergreen Park.
2 Head underground.
3 Defeat the Type-0 Behemoth located in B5.
4 Head above ground and speak to Wymer again.
5 Receive the Wrecking Ball weapon for Barret as a reward.
If you've already received the Wrecking Ball in a later chapter, and come back with Chapter Select, you'll get nothing but a lousy Potion.

Subterranean Menace Tips & Tricks

How to Beat Type-0 Behemoth

Type-0 Behemoth
Where it Appears Weaknesses
Underground Lab None

How to Defeat Type-0 Behemoth - Key Points

  • Don't use offensive Magic until the Horn is crippled.
  • Use Poison to deal consistent damage
  • Attack from the Rear to stagger its Upper and Lower body first
  • After it's staggered, the Horn will be vulnerable

How to Beat Type-0 Behemoth

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Chapter 14

Quest Reward
1 Missing ChildrenMissing Children Time Materia
2 Chocobo SearchChocobo Search Sam's Delivery Lifetime Pass
3 Malicious GoonsMalicious Goons None
4 Wavering HeartWavering Heart Way of the Fist Vol. III
5 The Power of MusicThe Power of Music Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. III
6 Secret MedicineSecret Medicine Telluric Scriptures Vol. III
7 Tomboy BanditTomboy Bandit The Corneo Vault Key
8 CorneoCorneo's Secret Stash The Art of Swordplay Vol.III
9 Subterranean MenaceSubterranean Menace Wrecking Ball

Discovery Quest

Quest Name Reward
Johnny's Stolen Wallet ・None (Trophy Unlock)

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