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The Angel of the Slums Walkthrough | Side Quest 11 Location and Rewards

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This is a walkthrough for Side Quest (Odd Job) 11: The Angel of the Slums in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Keep reading to find out where to find this quest, its rewards, and how to complete it!

Previous Quest A Verified Hero
Current Quest The Angel of the Slums
Next Quest Paying Respects

The Angel of the Slums Rewards and Information

Quest Giver Location Chapter
Damon South of the Leaf House 8
Reward Rating
2,000 Gil ★★

Kids on Patrol must be completed to unlock The Angel of the Slums. After completing Kids on Patrol, you will need to talk with Oates in the Kids' Secret Hideout first. Afterwards, Damon will appear in front of the Leaf House.

The Angel of the Slums Walkthrough

1 Speak with Damon and he will ask you to help collect information on a supposed Guardian Angel in the slums.
2 Head to the community center nearby and speak to Mireille next to the entrance, then return to Damon.
3 Your next destination is Lookout Point to the northeast past Steel Mountain.
4 You willl encounter a Chromogger, a larger version of a Smogger you have encountered recently.
5 Return to Damon and Mireille to receive your reward.

The Angel of the Slums Tips & Tricks


  • The Chromogger is quite slow so it can be easily dodged around. Be careful not to target its Iron Sphere, as your attacks will bounce off and leave you open for an attack.
  • Skull Cracker is easily avoided but if caught off guard will deal a large amount of damage, enough to K.O. Cloud or Aerith if they are not high on HP.
  • Chromogger has two different smog-based attacks, Whirling Smokestack, a blue fog that will deal damage and stun you if you walk into it, and an unnamed red one that deals damage and silences anyone who walks through it.
  • It is weak to lightning magic, so use Thundara as much as you can. As it does not stagger easily, just focus on avoiding its attacks and dealing damage.

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Chapter 8

Quest Reward
1 Mysterious Moogle.pngThe Mysterious Moogle Merchant Access to the Moogle Emporium
2 Kids on Patrol.pngKids on Patrol Nail Bat
3 Weapons on a Rampage.pngWeapons on a Rampage Protective Boots
4 A Verified Hero.pngA Verified Hero Elixir
5 The Angel of the Slums.pngThe Angel of the Slum 2,000 Gill
6 Paying Respects.pngPaying Respects Studded Bracer

Disovery Quests

Quest Name Reward
The Gate Won't Open ・Shortcut through path
The Language of Flowers ・Cutscene
MP Up Materia

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