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This is a profile of the character Rude from the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Read on to learn about this character's voice actor and characteristics.

Rude's Backstory and Profile


A member of the Turks―a special task force within Shinra's General Affairs Division. Rude is an intimidating presence with his shaved head, sunglasses, and massive frame. He speaks only when absolutely necessary and prefers to use his bare fists and physical prowess to subdue his enemies.
Name Rude
Voice Actor English: William C. Stephens
Japanese: Taiten Kusunoki
Weapon Fists

Rude's Characteristics

A Turks member with a clean-shaved head


Rude is impossible to mistake with his ice-cool shaved-head-and-sunglass look. As a member of Shinra Company's General Affairs Division, he's been working with his comrade-in-arms Reno since way back. The quiet type, Reno doesn't say much, but it's said he has a soft spot for Tifa.

A stiff guard and a stronger counter


In the game trailer where Rude is shown going toe-to-toe with Cloud, Rude is shown to block attacks and not to take damage easily. When slashing at him aimlessly, he'll easily parry blows to turn the tables against a foe. When fighting Rude, it's likely that the player will need to keep a level head and wait for him to drop his guard to find a window to attack.

Will send your teammates flying at each other


In the battle scene with Rude, he's shown grabbing Cloud and sending him flying at Aerith. He'll come out with a swing first before he can grab and throw a character, so it's best to be ready to dodge this attack before it comes flying.

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Of all the reimagined characters, Rude was the one guy that I was able to picture perfectly from the original that came out in the remake.

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>>6 Haha wrong character dude but if he can also dodge bullets in slow motion that would be cool

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