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This page will list all of the basic controls for Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). Not sure how to reset the camera? Forgot how to sprint? Check out the tables below to refresh your memory!

Field Controls

PS4 Controller.png

L1.png Show Stats
L2.png Toggle Minimap
Touchpad Open Map
Up and Down Buttons Select Commands
LS.png Move
Hold R1.png, R2.png, or press LS.png
Options Button Open Main Menu
triangle.png Interact / Talk
cross.png Open Commands Menu / Confirm
circle.png Cancel
RS.png Control Camera
Press RS.png
Reset Camera

Battle Controls

L1.png Open Shortcuts Menu
L2.png Issue Command to Ally 1
Touchpad View Enemy Intel
Directional Pad Change Playable Character
Up and Down Buttons Select Commands
Left and Right Buttons Select Magic Potency
LS.png Move
R1.png Guard
R2.png Issue Comand to Ally 2
Options Button Pause
triangle.png Perform Unique Ability
square.png Attack
circle.png Open Commands Menu / Confirm
cross.png Evade / Cancel
RS.png Select Lock-On Target
Press RS.png
Toggle Lock-On/ Off

Gameplay Manual Links

List of Gameplay Manual Pages
Basic Controls Character Stats
How to Stagger Enemies How to Run Away
Map Navigation Guide Understanding the ATB Gauge
How to Change Characters How to Get Unbound
How to Change Difficulty -

All Manuals for Gameplay


20 Anonymous4 days

Finding it hard to issue command with the L2 and R2 buttons. Always switching my current control to the character I want to command then manually using the tactical mode with the Triangle button. Really wish it was more intuitive.

19 Anonymous4 days

>>18 You always had three characters fixed in the original. Why did u expect it to have more in the remake?

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