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Welcome to Game8's wiki and walkthrough for Battlefield 2042, the newest game in the Battlefield series for all platforms. Learn everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042 including details on all weapons and maps, how to succeed in multiplayer, and tips and tricks to help you survive!

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News Partial FrontNews and Game Info Battlefield 2042 - Specialists Partial.pngSpecialists
Battlefield 2042 Tips and Tricks Partial Banner.pngTips and Tricks Battlefield 2042 - List of All Vehicles Partial.pngVehicles
Battlefield 2042 - Game Modes Partial.pngGame Modes Battlefield 2042 - Weapons Partial Banner.png Weapons
Battlefield Maps Partial Banner.pngAll Maps Battlefield 2042 - List of All Gear Banner.pngGadgets and Throwable Items
Battlefield 2042 Trophy Partial Banner.pngTrophies Battlefield Message Boards Partial Banner.pngMessage Boards

Battlefield 2042 Specialists

Battlefield 2042 - Specialists Partial.png

All Specialist Classes and Traits

List of Specialists

All Classes
Mackay.pngMackay Boris.pngBoris
Falck.pngFalck Casper.pngCasper
Paik.pngPaik Irish.pngIrish
Angel.pngAngel Sundance.pngSundance
Dozer.pngDozer Rao.pngRao

Battlefield 2042 Game Modes

Battlefield 2042 - Game Modes Partial.png

Game Modes Explained

All Game Mode Guides

Game Modes
Battlefield 2042 - Conquest.pngConquest Battlefield 2042 - Breakthrough.pngBreakthrough
Battlefield 2042 - Hazard Zone.pngHazard Zone Battlefield 2042 - Portal.pngBattlefield Portal

Battlefield 2042 Gear

Battlefield 2042 - List of All Gear Banner.png
List of All Gear

Battlefield 2042 Gear


Battlefield 2042 - Medical Crate Icon.pngMedical Crate Battlefield 2042 - Ammo Crate Icon.pngAmmo Crate Battlefield 2042 - Recoilless M5 Icon.pngRecoilless M5
Battlefield 2042 - Repair Tool Icon.pngRepair Tool Battlefield 2042 - FXM-33 AA Missile Icon.pngFXM-33 AA Missile Battlefield 2042 - IBA Armor Plate Icon.pngIBA Armor Plate
Battlefield 2042 - C5 Explosive Icon.pngC5 Explosive Battlefield 2042 - Insertion Beacon Icon.pngInsertion Beacon Battlefield 2042 - Med Pen Icon.pngMed Pen
Anti-Tank Mine (Battlefield 3).pngAnti-Tank Mine Battlefield 2042 - SOFLAM Icon.pngSOFLAM

Throwable Items

Battlefield 2042 - Frag Grenade Icon.pngFrag Grenade Battlefield 2042 - Smoke Grenade Icon.pngSmoke Grenade Battlefield 2042 - Proximity Sensor Icon.pngProx Sensor
Battlefield 2042 - EMP Grenade Icon.pngEMP Grenade Battlefield 2042 - Incendiary Grenade Icon.pngIncendiary Grenade

Battlefield Portal Gear

Battlefield 1942

MK II Grenade.pngMK II Grenade Land Mine.pngLandmine EXPPACK.pngEXPPack
Stick Grenade.pngStick Grenade

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Mortar Strike.pngMortar Strike M136 AT4.pngM136 AT4 C4 (Battlefield Bad Company 2).pngC4
Defibrillator.pngDefibrillator RPG-7.pngRPG-7 AT Mine.pngAT Mine
Frag Grenade (Battlefield Bad Company 2).pngFrag Grenade

Battlefield 3

M67 Grenade.pngM67 Grenade Defibrillator.pngDefibrillator C4 (Battlefield 3).pngC4
M18 Claymore.pngM18 Claymore SMAW.pngSMAW RPG-7V2.pngRPG-7V2
FIM-92 Stinger.pngFIM-92 Stinger SA-18 IGLA.pngSA-18 Igla FGM-148 Javelin.pngFGM-148 Javelin
Anti-Tank Mine (Battlefield 3).pngAnti-Tank Mine EOD Bot.pngE0D Bot Radio Beacon.pngRadio Beacon
MAV.pngMAV SOFLAM (Battlefield 3).pngSOFLAM

Battlefield 2042 Weapons

Battlefield 2042 - Weapons Partial Banner.png

List of All Weapons

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Classes

All Weapons
Battlefield 2042 - Assault Rifle Weapons.pngAssault Battlefield 2042 - Marksman Weapons.pngMarksman Battlefield 2042 - Sniper Weapons.pngSniper
Battlefield 2042 - SMG Weapons.pngSMGs Battlefield 2042 - LMG Weapons.pngLMGs Battlefield 2042 - Utility Weapons.pngUtility
Battlefield 2042 - Secondary Weapons.pngSecondary

Battlefield Portal Weapons

Battlefield Portal Weapons
Battlefield 2042 - Battlefield 1942 Weapons.pngBattlefield 1942 Battlefield 2042 - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Weapons.pngBattlefield Bad Company 2 Battlefield 2042 - Battlefield 3 Weapons.pngBattlefield 3

Battlefield 2042 Vehicles

Battlefield 2042 - List of All Vehicles Partial.png

List of All Vehicles

Battlefield 2042 Vehicles

Personal Vehicles

LCAA Hovercraft.pngLCAA Hovercraft MD540 Nightbird.pngMD540 Nightbird EBAA Wildcat.pngEBAA Wildcat
MAV.pngMAV MSC Bolte.pngM5C Bolte LATV4 Recon.pngLATV4 Recon

US Vehicles

MV-38 Condor.pngMV-38 Condor M1A5.pngM1A5 F-35E Panther.pngF-35E Panther
AH-64GX Apache Warchief.pngAH-64GX Apache Warchief

RU Vehicles

MI-240 Super Hind.pngMI-240 Super Hind SU-57 Felon.pngSU-57 FELON T28.pngT28
KA-520 Super Hokum.pngKA-520 Super Hokum

Battlefield Portal Vehicles

Battlefield 1942 Vehicles

B-17 Bomber.pngB-17 Bomber Spitfire.pngSpitfire M10 Wolverine.pngM10 Wolverine
M4 Sherman.pngM4 Sherman M3 Halftrack.pngM3 Halftrack Willys MB.pngWillys MB
JU-87 Stuka.pngJU-87 Stuka BF 109.pngBF 109 Tiger I.pngTiger I
Panzer IV.pngPanzer IV SD. KFZ 251 Halftrack.pngSD. KFZ 251 Halftruck Kubelwagen.pngKübelwagen

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vehicles

UH-60.pngUH-60 M1A2.pngM1A2 M1114.pngM1114
T-90.pngT-90 M3A3 Bradley.pngM3A3 Bradley BMP 2.pngBMP-2
VDV Buggy.pngVDV Buggy

Battlefield 3 Vehicles

M1114.pngM1114 FA-18.pngF/A-18 AH-6J Little Bird.pngAH-6J Little Bird
AH-64 Apache.pngAH-64 Apache LAV-AD.pngLAV-AD LAV-25.pngLAV-25
AAV-7A1 Amtrac.pngAAV-7A1 Amtrac M1161 ITV.pngM1161 ITV SU-35BM Flanker-E.pngSU-35BM Flanker-E
MI-28 Havoc.pngMI-28 Havoc Z-11W.pngZ-11W 9K22 Tunguska-M.png9K22 Tunguska-M
3937 Vodnik.png3937 Vodnik T-90.pngT-90 M1A2.pngM1A2
BMP 2.pngBMP-2 VDV Buggy.pngVDV Buggy UH-60.pngUH-60

Battlefield 2042 Maps

Battlefield Maps Partial Banner.png

List of Maps

Battlefield 2042 Maps

Battlefield 2042 Maps
Battlefield 2042 - HourglassHourglass Battlefield 2042 - DiscardedDiscarded
Battlefield 2042 - ManifestManifest Battlefield 2042 - KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope
Battlefield 2042 - OrbitalOrbital Battlefield 2042 - BreakawayBreakaway
Battlefield 2042 - RenewalRenewal -

Battlefield Portal Maps

Battlefield Portal Maps
Battlefield 2042 - Battle of the BulgeBattle of the Bulge Battlefield 2042 - El AlameinEl Alamein
Battlefield 2042 - Arica HarborArica Harbor Battlefield 2042 - ValparaisoValparaiso
Battlefield 2042 - Caspian BorderCaspian Border Battlefield 2042 - Noshahr CanalsNoshahr Canals

Battlefield 2042 Trophies

Battlefield 2042 Trophy Partial Banner.png

Trophy List and Guide

Battlefield 2042 Tips and Tricks

Battlefield 2042 Tips and Tricks Partial Banner

Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Guides
Controls Guide Specialist Tier List
How to Add Friends How to Voice Chat and Party Chat
Weapon Guides
How to Equip Attachments Quickly Best Weapons
Weapon Class Tier List Weapon Bloom: Explained
How to Change Fire Mode for Weapons Bullets to Kill (BTK) and Time to Kill (TTK) for All Guns
Gameplay Guides
How to Respawn Using Tickets How to Call-in Vehicles
How to See the Scoreboard and Check KD Stats How to Redeploy
How to Get Ribbons How to Spot Enemies and Use the Ping System
How to Control Ranger and Recon Drones How to Use Grenade Launchers
Total Player Count: How Many Players in Each Game Mode?
General Guides
How to Heal How to Level Up
How to Increase FPS All Error Codes and Bug Fixes
Battle Pass Content Roadmap How to Unlock Badges
How to Unlock Tags How to Unlock Images
How to Change Sensitivity How to Change Aim Assist
How to Spot Cheats and Report Players
Game Modes
How to Capture A Sector (Conquest) How to Play Team Deathmatch

Battlefield 2042 News and Game Info

News Partial Front.png

News and Game Info

Latest Battlefield 2042 News

Battlefield 2042 Message Boards

Battlefield Message Boards Partial Banner.png

Message Boards

All Message Boards
General Discussion
Friend Request
Loadout Discussion
Tactics Discussion
Memes Board
Review Board
Bug Sharing Board

About Battlefield 2042


battlefield 2042 art
Battlefield 2042 is the sequel to Battlefield V and the seventeenth installment in the Battlefield series. Battlefield 2042 will be the first game in the series to feature cross platform play with massive multiplayer rosters of up to 128 players on next gen consoles and PC.

Product Information and Box Art

Battlefield 2042 box art

Title Battlefield 2042
Release Date November 19th, 2021
Price $59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, PC
Genre Shooter
Developer / Publisher Dice/EA
Official Site Battlefield 2042 Official Site

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