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EMP Grenade Gear and How to Use

This guide covers the EMP Grenade, a Throwable in Battlefield 2042. Read on to find out how to unlock the EMP Grenade and its uses and effects.

EMP Grenade Information

EMP Grenade
EMP Grenade
Unlocks at Lv. 30
Description Disrupts vehicle and personnel HUD systems.

How to Use the EMP Grenade

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You can use the EMP Grenade on soldiers, some equipment, or vehicles, but it affects them all differently. Players hit by the EMP Grenade will lose visual to their minimap, weapons, abilities, and other more things you can see on the screen. The equipment will cease to function and will be vulnerable to attacks if hit by the EMP Grenade. As for the vehicles, they won't be able to use their guns for a short time but will not stop their movements.

EMP Grenade is a good combo for Casper with the C5 Explosive Kit to take out hostile vehicles with less risk.

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