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Battlefield 2042 features a significant increase in the total player count from 64 to 128 players across several different game modes. 128-player games will only be accessible to next-gen platforms and PC. Read on to know how many players are available in each game mode!

Total Player Count in Battlefield 2042

128 Players for Next-Gen Consoles and PC

Total Player Count
PS4 / XBOX One PS5 / XBOX Series X/S / PC
64 (Max) 128 (Max)

Last-Gen platforms (PS4 / Xbox One) will be limited to a maximum of only 64 players for the Game Modes that feature that player count, such as Conquest or Breakthrough. Meanwhile, those on the PC, XBOX Series X/S, and the Playstation 5 will get to enjoy a maximum of 128 Players depending on the game mode chosen.

Is There Crossplay?

Battlefield 2042 - Is There Cross-Gen Play.png
Unfortunately, players on last-gen consoles will not be able to take part in any game with those playing on next-gen consoles and PCs. Even if players decide to create Battlefield Portal Experiences that limit the player count to only 64 players, they will still be unable to play in any games together.

How to Turn on Crossplay and Cross-Progression

Game Mode Player Count Differences

Player Counts in Each Game Mode
Conquest / Breakthrough Hazard Zone Battlefield Portal
(PS4 / XBOX One)
(PS5 / XBOX Series X/S / PC)
(PS4 / XBOX One)
(PS5 / XBOX Series X/S / PC)
64 (Max)
(PS4 / XBOX One)
128 (Max)
(PS5 / XBOX Series X/S / PC )

While players on the PS5 / XBOX Series X/S / PC will get to enjoy comparatively larger player counts in their matches, they can choose to play in matches with lower player counts by creating custom experiences in Battlefield Portal.

Players on last-gen consoles, meanwhile, will not be able to create experiences with player counts that go beyond the hard set limit of only 64 players – they will, however, be allowed to create experiences that go below the 64 player limit.

All Game Modes and How to Play

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