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The scoreboard in Battlefield 2042 offers an in depth method to view the KD (kill-to-death ratio) stats of a player, their squad, and their team. Read on to learn how to see the scoreboard and keep track of your progress throughout a match!

How to See the Scoreboard

Press Tab on PC or Hold Options on Consoles to Check your KD

Opening the scoreboard and checking your KD in Battlefield 2042 differs based on the platform you're playing the game on. The scoreboard will remain on-screen so long as you keep holding down the assigned button for your platform, with it only going away upon release of the button.

Methods for each platform are:

Platform Key
Playstation, XBOX
Options.png / Options.png
PC Tab

What is the Scoreboard

Tracks Player KD Stats In-Game

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The scoreboard in Battlefield 2042 has several changes to it when compared to past scoreboards from other Battlefield titles, but its purpose largely remains the same. Through the board, players can keep track of not only their KD stats in a match, but also that of their squad, other squads, and their entire team relative to the game type currently being played in a match.

Key highlights that players can observe for their team on the left-hand side of the board are:

Stat Definition
Ticket Count The amount of revives each team in a game has remaining.
Sector Control Reveals the remaining Sectors controlled by each team.
Deaths Shows how many deaths, or Ticket losses the team has suffered.
Squad Performance Shows all the squads operating in the game and their performance with metrics based on Kills, Deaths, and Revives.

Tickets Guide | How Respawn Works in Battlefield 2042

Allows Players to Determine Their Performance

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Through the scoreboard, players can not only observe the performance of the team as a whole but their own performance as well. This can be found on the right-hand side of the scoreboard, with several statistics that players can observe.

Stat Definition
Kills Marks the number of enemies downed in-game.
Assists Indicates the damage dealt to an enemy or vehicle that another player finishes off.
Revives Shows the number of fallen allies you have revived in-game.
Captures Number of Capture Points taken for the team.
Defenses Number of Capture Points the team has that the player has successfully defended from opposing team players.
Deaths Number of times a player has been defeated in the battle.

Ribbon Progress

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Ribbons, or in-game accolades that gradually increase with actions players take in a game, are also shown below the section where players can keep track of their statistics in-game. These ribbons will have a small blue bar indicating the amount of progress made with each ribbon.

To increase the amount within the bar, players will need to perform the actions indicated beneath the title of each Ribbon to fill the bar until a player can gain that particular ribbon.

Ribbons List: How to Get More Ribbons

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