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Impaling The Seax Walkthrough

This page is a walkthrough for the Impaling The Seax Quest in the game Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn more about the quest objectives, stealth routes, notables, and more!

Previous Quest
Plucking The Quill

Starting Location

The quest starts in Wincestre immediately after the Plucking The Quill quest.

Quest Walkthrough

No. Objectives Guide
1 Report to Goodwin Head to Shieldmaker's Yard and speak to Goodwin to initiate a cutscene
Dialogue options during the cutscene are inconsequential to the overall story.
2 Investigate the funeral Head to Saint Peter's Church.
Fill up the progress bar by inspecting Bishop Ealhferth's body and speaking with those attending his funeral.
Dialogue options during your conversation with Harriet are inconsequential to the story.
Speak to Harriet once the bar fills up to about 70%
You can just confront Harriet directly if you have level four charisma or higher.
3 Defeat the guards Eliminate the guards after the cutscene with Harriet.
4 Speak to the Bishop's sister Speak to Harriet again to initiate another cutscene.
5 Find and assassinate The Seax All of the Witan Hall's doors are barred.
Enter the Witan Hall via the open window on its western side.
6 Kill The Seax Bannerets are present inside the Witan Hall during Aelfred's speech.
One of the is Ealhferth in disguise.
You can jump down immediately and interrupt Aelfred's speech to initiate the boss fight against the Seax or stay in the rafters and wait for Ealhferth to reveal himself.
Harriet will show up and initiate a cutscene after killing Ealhferth.
Both dialogue options during your conversation with Harriet lead to the same result.
Click here to see boss fight strategies for Ealhferth!
7 Find The Order's temple Find the Temple of Mithras underneath the Bishop's Residence.
TIP: Use Odin's Sight and Raven's-Eye View to determine the entrance's exact location.
8 Search the temple Fill up the progress bar by analyzing clues inside the Temple of Mithras
Use Odin's Sight to highlight objects of interest.
The second clue is accessed via a breakable wall behind a moveable shelf located in the other end of the hall.
9 Speak with Aelfred Enter The Old Minster to initiate a cutscene.
10 Escape the Cathedral Leave Wincestre to finish the quest. This marks the end of The City of Greed story arc.
WARNING: Wincestre becomes a restricted area during this phase of the quest. Guards will attack on sight.

Boss Strategies: How to Beat Ealhferth

Impaling The Seax - Ealhferth boss fight banner.png

  • Ealhferth's entire move set is copied from Banneret elite units. Watch out for his counter stances at all times.
  • It is recommended that you eliminate the other Bannerets first to make the fight easier.
  • Stay on the rafters and wait for Ealhferth to reveal himself to initiate a sneak attack. This gives you an early advantage leading into the fight.
  • You can bypass this entire boss fight if you have the Advanced Assassination skill.

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