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This is a list of rarity 4 items and materials in Monster Hunter World (MHW) and Iceborne. Click the links below to find out more about each item!

List of Rarity 4 Items and Materials

Abyssal Beryl Adamant Pill
Ancient Amber Ancient Bone
Anjanath Fang Anjanath Nosebone
Anjanath Pelt Anjanath Scale
Anjanath Tail Aqua Sac
Aquacore Ore Armor Ammo
Armor Sphere Armorskin
Arrowhead Gekko Augurfly
Autumn Harvest Ticket Azure Star Shard
Ballista Ammo Barroth Claw
Barroth Coin Barroth Ridge
Barroth Scalp Barroth Shell
Barroth Tail Beetle Ticket
Bhernastone Blue Diva
Boomerang Boulder Bone
Brightmoss Bristly Crake
Bristly Crake Ticket Brute Coin
Bushi Ticket C.Range Coating
Cactuar Cactuar Cutting
Cannon Ammo Capture Net
Cluster Bomb Level 3 Coral Bone
Coral Crystal Daora Tail
Dapper Coralbird Dash Extract
Deluxe First Wyverian Print Demon Powder
Demondrug Diablos Fang
Diablos Ridge Diablos Shell
Dissolved Weapon Divineapple
Downy Crake Downy Crake Ticket
Dragonbloom Dragonfell Berry
Dragonite Ore Dragonvein Shard
Dundormarin Earth Crystal
Elder Dragon Blood Electro Sac
Elysian Fruit Emerald Helmcrab
Emerald Shell Exciteshroom
Exquisite Shroomcap Faux Ticket
Faux Ticket II Faux Ticket III
Fertile Mud First Fleet Ticket
First Wyverian Print Fishing Rod
Flame Sac Flowering Cactuar Cutting
Flowfern Flying Coin
Forest Pteryx Frost Sac
Gajalaka Sketch Gajau Skin
Gajau Whisker Gama Coin
Gastronome Tuna Girros Fang
Girros Hide Girros Scale
Gloamgrass Bud Godbug
Gold Calappa Gold Chip Fragment
Gold Nugget Fragment Gold Wyverian Print
Goldbloom Golden Chunk
Golden Egg Goldspring Macaque
Great Bomb Arowana Great Burst Arowana
Great Gastronome Tuna Great Girros Fang
Great Girros Hide Great Girros Hood
Great Girros Scale Great Girros Tail
Great Glass Parexus Great Goldenfish
Great Goldenfry Great Gunpowderfish
Great Gunpowderfish Scale Great Jagras Claw
Great Jagras Hide Great Jagras Mane
Great Jagras Scale Great King Marlin
Great Pink Parexus Great Platinumfish
Great Sushifish Great Sushifish Scale
Great Whetfish Hardshell Powder
Heavenberry Herbal Powder
Herbivore Egg Hornetaur Shell
Hornetaur Wing Hot Spring Stone
Hunter Runestone Igni Sign
Innocent Pearl Iron Ore
Jagras Hide Jagras Scale
Jyuratodus Fang Jyuratodus Fin
Jyuratodus Scale Jyuratodus Shell
Kelbi Horn Kestodon Scalp
Kestodon Shell King Marlin
Kingly Cactus Kirin Hide
Kirin Mane Kirin Tail
Kirin Thunderhorn Kulu Coin
Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide
Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale
Lava Nugget Legiana Claw
Legiana Hide Legiana Scale
Legiana Tail Webbing Legiana Webbing
Lifepowder Lump of Meat
Machalite Ore Mega Barrel Bomb
Mega Bounce Bomb Millennium Butterbur
Moly Monster Bone L
Monster Bone M Monster Bone S
Monster Bone+ Monster Fluid
Moonlight Gekko Moonlit Mushroom
Mosswine Hide Mysterious Feystone
Mystical Fossil Nekker
Noahstone Nourishing Extract
Odogaron Claw Odogaron Fang
Odogaron Scale Odogaron Sinew
Odogaron Tail One-shot Binder
Paolumu Pelt Paolumu Scale
Paolumu Shell Paolumu Webbing
Paralysis Sac Parashroom
Petalcryst Petricanths
Phantom Flutterfly Pilot Hare
Pinnacle Coin Platinum Pearl
Poison Sac Precious Abalone
Prism Hercudrome Pukei Coin
Pukei-Pukei Quill Pukei-Pukei Sac
Pukei-Pukei Scale Pukei-Pukei Shell
Pukei-Pukei Tail Radobaan Marrow
Radobaan Oilshell Radobaan Scale
Radobaan Shell Rath Wingtalon
Rathalos Coin Rathalos Marrow
Rathalos Scale Rathalos Shell
Rathalos Tail Rathalos Webbing
Rathian Coin Rathian Scale
Rathian Shell Rathian Webbing
Sealord's Crestfish Senu's Feather
SFV Ticket Shamos Hide
Shamos Scale Sharp Claw
Shiny Gold Helmcrab Silver Egg
Silver Wyverian Print Sleep Sac
Snow White Snowman
Snowpeak Icebloom Spirit Shroomcap
Spring Blossom Ticket Spring Insect Field Guide
Steel Egg Steel Wyverian Print
Sturdy Bone Summer Insect Field Guide
Summer Twilight Ticket Sunkissed Grass
Surveyor Set Tailraider Voucher
Teostra Tail Thunder Ammo
Thunderbug Tobi-Kadachi Claw
Tobi-Kadachi Electrode Tobi-Kadachi Membrane
Tobi-Kadachi Pelt Tobi-Kadachi Scale
Trap Tool Tsuchinoko
Twilight Stone Twisted Horn
Tyrant Hopper Tzitzi Coin
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Claw Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Hide
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Photophore Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Scale
Uragaan Jaw Uragaan Scute
Vespoid Shell Vespoid Wing
Violet Abalone Voucher
Warm Pelt Warped Bone
Watcher Lens Whetfish Fin+
Whetstone Wicked Fossil
Wiggler Queen Wildfruit
Wingdrake Hide Winter Star Ticket
Wintermoon Nettle Wyvern Bonemass

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