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This is a list of rarity 10 items and materials in Monster Hunter World (MHW) and Iceborne. Click the links below to find out more about each item!

List of Rarity 10 Items and Materials

Acidic Glavenus Cortex Acidic Glavenus Hardfang
Acidic Glavenus Shard Acidic Glavenus Spineshell
Acidic Glavenus Tailedge Afflicted Frenzybone
Amber Hardfang Assassin Cutwing
Azure Rathalos Cortex Azure Rathalos Fellwing
Azure Rathalos Lash Azure Rathalos Shard
Azure Scale Banuk Warrior Symbol
Barioth Cortex Barioth Greatspike
Barioth Hardclaw Barioth Lash
Barioth Thickfur Black Diablos Chine
Black Diablos Cortex Black Eagle Blueprint
Blackcurl Stouthorn Blackcurl Temperthorn
Blackcurl Tyranthorn Brachydios Cortex
Brachydios Crown Brachydios Lash
Brachydios Pounder+ Brute Tigrex Cortex
Brute Tigrex Hardclaw Brute Tigrex Hardfang
Brute Tigrex Shard Buff Ticket
Carved Feystone Charged Deathly Shocker
Coldblooded Icefang Crackling Thunderpelt
Crystal Frozenhide Crystalized Monster Bone
Daybreak Crystal Deepsea Crystal
Diablos Chine Diablos Cortex
Diablos Tailcase+ Downy Crake Ticket II
Dracophage Bug Dragonbone Artifact
Dragonscorched Wildbone Dragonvein Solidbone
Ebony Odogaron Hardclaw Ebony Odogaron Hardfang
Ebony Odogaron Lash Ebony Odogaron Shard
Everfrost Icebone Fancy Beak
Fatal Rendclaw Fest Ticket
Fine Brachydios Ebonshell Fulgur Anjanath Hardfang
Fulgur Anjanath Lash Fulgur Anjanath Shard
Fulgur Anjanath Thickfur Fulgurbug
Garuga Auricle Garuga Cortex
Garuga Fellwing Garuga Lash
Garuga Shard Garuga Silverpelt
Glavenus Cortex Glavenus Hardfang
Glavenus Hellshell Glavenus Shard
Glavenus Tailedge Glossy Ebonshell
Glowing Slime Gold Melding Ticket
Goldspring Ticket Hard Ebony Odogaron Sinew
Hard Odogaron Sinew Heavy Fulgur Anjanath Nosebone
Hellfire Crystal Herbivore Ticket I
Herbivore Ticket II Hero King Coin
Honed Acidcryst Honed Tailblade
Incandescent Magmafin King's Scale
Lavasioth Cortex Lavasioth Grandfin
Lavasioth Hardfang Lavasioth Shard
Legiana Fellwing Legiana Hardclaw
Legiana Shard Legiana Tail Webbing+
Legiana Thickhide Magnificent Scale
Meaty Canteen Ticket Metallic Scute
Molten Bursa Monster Slogbone
Monster Solidbone Nargacuga Blackfur+
Nargacuga Cutwing+ Nargacuga Hardfang
Nargacuga Lash Nargacuga Shard
Nargacuga Tailspear Obsidian Icetalon
Odogaron Hardclaw Odogaron Hardfang
Odogaron Lash Odogaron Shard
Penguin Ticket Phantomcore Ore
Pickaxe Ticket Pilot Hare Ticket
Prosperous Crystal Purecrystal
Rath Gleam Rath Wingtalon+
Rathalos Cortex Rathalos Fellwing
Rathalos Lash Rathalos Shard
Rimed Hide Scratched Shell
Sealed Dragon Cloth Serene Crystal
Shuddering Darkjaw Silver Rathalos Cortex
Silver Rathalos Fellwing Silver Rathalos Lash
Silver Rathalos Shard Sinister Silverpelt
Slumbering Greatbone Smoldering Tailedge
Smooth Icehide Soulrender Talon
Spirited Canteen Ticket Spiritvein Gem Shard
Spiritvein Solidbone Stark Wing
Strongman's Jaw Tempered Azure Scale
Tempered Cragbone Tempered Cutwing
Tempered Ebonjaw Tempered Ebonshell
Tempered Frosthide Tempered Icefang
Tempered Icehide Tempered Jaw
Tempered Magmafin Tempered Red Scale
Tempered Rendclaw Tempered Scute
Tempered Shocker Tempered Silverpelt
Tempered Tailblade Tempered Tailedge
Tempered Talon Tempered Thunderpelt
Tigrex Cortex Tigrex Hardclaw
Tigrex Hardfang Tigrex Lash
Tigrex Shard Twilight Crystal
Twisted Bravehorn Twisted Stouthorn
Twisted Temperhorn Unity Symbol
Uragaan Cortex Uragaan Jaw+
Uragaan Scute+ Uragaan Shard
Vibrant Crimsonbone Whetfish Ticket
Wyverian Ticket

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List of Materials by Type

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