How to Obtain Ramuh

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This is the page for Game8's guide to summoning the Hexatheon Ramuh. Details about this summon, as well as stats, what to expect when encountering it for the first time, and where to find it is found here.

Ramuh General Information



One of the Six and the Astral closest related to Lightning magick. He is known as The Fulgarian and assumes the form of a wizard with control over the storm.


Classification Astral Gender Male
Summoner/s Noctis Lucis Caelum Element Lightning

Ramuh Moveset

Summon Moves
Judgement Bolt A lightning-based damage that can affect enemies over an entire area. This is Ramuh's signature attack.

Where to Obtain Ramuh

Noctis gains Ramuh in Chapter V: The Trial of Ramuh. He gains the Mark of the Fulgarian after completing a series of tasks, the guide to which can be seen here.
The Trial of Ramuh - Story Walkthrough and Guide

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